The Common Sense of Political Economy, Including a Study of the Human Basis of Economic Law

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Macmillan and Company, limited, 1910 - Economics - 702 pages

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Page 146 - ... market was twopence a week for each man. I remember, and well I may, that upon one occasion I, after all absolutely necessary expenses, had, on a Friday, made shift to have a halfpenny in reserve, which I had destined for the purchase of a red herring in the morning ; but when I pulled off my clothes at night, so hungry then as to be hardly able to endure life, I found that I had lost my halfpenny. I buried my head under the miserable sheet and rug, and cried like a child.
Page 123 - We live by Admiration, Hope, and Love ; And, even as these are well and wisely fixed, In dignity of being we ascend.
Page 579 - so that in the end the gold will be exactly where it was at the beginning, if the obligations are equal ; and if the various transactions are not of the same value in gold, the final state will only differ from the initial state by the margin beyond the area of coincidence. Here again it is clear that a sum of gold passing from A to B...
Page 329 - For instance, there are fluctuations from week to week, from day to day, and even from hour to hour, in the urgency of the want which the skill of the agricultural labourer can supply.
Page 28 - ... is simply a special case of ' price ' in the wider sense of ' the terms on which alternatives are offered to us.
Page 346 - ... that he is as truly making his own clothing as though he were shearing sheep in Australia or weaving cloth in Paisley, and just as effectually producing the claret he drinks at dinner as though he gathered the grapes on the banks of the Garonne.
Page 3 - ... for approaching economic problems. We must regard industrial and commercial life, not as a separate and detached region of activity, but as an organic part of our whole personal and social life ; and we shall find the clue to the conduct of men in their commercial relations, not in the first instance amongst those characteristics wherein our pursuit of industrial objects differs from our pursuit of pleasure or of learning, or our efforts for some political and social ideal, but rather amongst...
Page 184 - Division of labour and exchange, on which the economic organisation of society is based, enlarge our means of accomplishing our ends, but they have no direct influence upon the ends themselves, and have no tendency to beget scrupulousness in the use of the means. It is idle to assume that ethically desirable results will necessarily be produced by an ethically indifferent instrument...
Page 625 - ... verum animo satis haec vestigia parva sagaci sunt per quae possis cognoscere cetera tute. namque canes ut montivagae persaepe ferai naribus inveniunt intectas fronde quietes, 406 cum semel institerunt vestigia certa viai, sic alid ex alio per te tute ipse videre talibus in rebus poteris caecasque latebras insinuare omnis et verum protrahere inde. quod si pigraris paulumve recesseris ab re, 410 hoc tibi de plano possum promittere, Memmi : usque adeo largos haustus e fontibu...

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