The Four Ancient Books of Wales Containing the Cymric Poems Attributed to the Bards of the Sixth Century, Volume 1, Part 2

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Edmonston and Douglas, 1868 - Welsh poetry

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Page 276 - I have been a tear in the air ; I have been the dullest of stars, I have been a word among letters, [ have been a book in the origin.
Page 537 - ... nourishes God made for man, with a view to enrich him ;— Some are violent, some are mute, he enjoys them, Some are wild, some are tame ; the Lord makes them ;— Part of their produce becomes clothing; For food and beverage till doom will they continue. I entreat the Supreme, Sovereign of the region of peace, To liberate Elphin from banishment, The man who gave me wine, and ale, and mead, With large princely steeds, of beautiful appearance ; May he yet give me ; and at the end, May God of his...
Page 382 - That year was to them of exalted solemnity; Three warriors and three score and three hundred, wearing the golden torques. Of those who hurried forth after the excess of revelling, But three escaped by the prowess of the gashing...
Page 265 - Am I not a candidate for fame with the listened song In Caer Pedryvan, in the isle of the strong door? The twilight and pitchy darkness were mixed together. Bright wine their liquor before their retinue. Thrice enough to fill Prydwen we went on the sea, Except seven, none returned from Caer Rigor.
Page 385 - His gold-bespangled shield was conspicuous on the battle-field, His lances were broken, and shattered into splinters, The stroke of his sword was fierce and penetrating; Like a man would he maintain his post. Before he received the affliction of earth, before the fatal blow. He had fulfilled his in guarding his station. May he find a complete reception With the Trinity in perfect unity. XXX. When Caradawg rushed to battle...
Page 372 - Sweet appletree, which grows by the river-side! With respect to it, the keeper will not thrive on its splendid fruit. While my reason was not aberrant, I used to be around its stem With a fair sportive maid, a paragon of slender form. Ten years and forty, as the toy of lawless ones, Have I been wandering in gloom and among sprites.
Page 266 - Monks congregate like dogs in a kennel, • From contact with their superiors they acquire knowledge, Is one the course of the wind, is one the water of the sea ? Is one the spark of the fire, of unrestrainable tumult ? Monks congregate like wolves, From contact with their superiors they acquire knowledge.
Page 579 - At Aber Cuawg the cuckoos sing, On the blossom-covered branches ; Woe to the sick that hears their contented notes. At Aber Cuawg the cuckoos sing : The recollection is in my mind.
Page 542 - ... happiness 60 Was protected by the God of Trinity Why should I utter a treatise, Except of thee ? Who caused coin Of current silver ? When is so current A car so prickly ; Death having a foundation, In every country is shared. Death above our head, 70 Wide is its covering, High above the canopy of heaven. Man is oldest when he is born. And is younger (and) younger continually.
Page 322 - The bees are in confinement this very day; How withered the stalks, hard the slope; Cold and dewless is the earth to-day.

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