The Merismos

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Randy Shankle, 1987 - Human body - 239 pages
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I diligently studied this excellent treasure over 20 years ago on audio cassettes until l wore the magnetics off of the tape. I also passed it on to countless others whose lives were and are enriched until this very moment.
I am currently seeking out where I can get a full audio cd version of this Great Teaching on the "Merismos". I know that this teaching is vitally crucial to the well being of the church today. For all you critics that criticize a Great Prophet like Randy Shankle for things that are a part of your own ignorance, First get the beam out of your own eye, then you might see how to get splinter out of someone else's eye. I guaranty you, you will never have time focus on anyone else, especially Pastor Shankle. We as the "Body of Christ" have enough enemies that are attacking us from without, even as I am writing this review, the enemy is knocking at the door waiting to devour all of us, especially those of you knowingly or ignorantly placed yourself under the terrible hand of the U.S. government ough I.R.S by incorporating your Church or Ministries under the "501-C3". Right now it would do you good to focus how to quickly get from under the thumb of this oppressive enemy than to focus your misunderstanding on a fellow servant and brother in Christ. If anyone locates where I can get an cd copy of the "Merismos" please email me at "".
In the service of King of Kings & Lord of Lords,
Pastor Ulysses Elder
Overseer and Successors, A Corporation Sole

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This book is pertinent for all that "Call themselves christians, or that walk in the footsteps of Yahshua Mashiyach." This revelation from Yahshua to Randy is not only insightful, but will define what your soul and spirit really are, and how deceptive your soul man really is. It is the "enemy of Yah, and at enmity with Him." But according to Solomon, "The spirit in man is the light of Yah, searching out the Bosom." Proverbs 20:27 


The Merismos of the Spirit and Soul
Dividing Asunder of Spirit and Soul
The Smoking Furnace and Burning Lamp
A House Diveded Against Itself
The Realm of the Soul 4 Psuche Souffle
Saving of the Soul
The Super Soul
The Wine Press
Understanding the Psuche Realm
Controlling the Soul
Hearing Through Waiting
The Waiting of the Soul
The Uniting of the Heart 14 The Divided Heart
The Release of the Spirit
Beauty in Brokenness

The Oversoul
Metamorphosis of the Mind

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