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brought from that locality real "black lead," or what they and the town of
Formington supposed to be such.
John Andrews made free in Hartford by Gen. Court, 20th May, 1658.
"John Andrews died 1681, and Mary, ye aged wife of John Andrews,
May, 1694."

John Andrews and Joseph Andrews were witnesses to a deed of lands in Simsbury, by 13 Indians, 1680, Book 1st, Land Records of the State, iOoth page; so says Phelps, in his History of that town. The probability is that these Indians met at the dwelling house of John Andrews, sen. (the locality now, 1871, called Waterville,) when the deed was executed, one year before he died. John, jun. is supposed to be then living in Hartford, so that the witnesses were doubtless John, sen. and his fourth son, Joseph. John the settler was a landholder in Hartford, as appears by a deed of Asahel, his great-grandson, dated 1758, at Massacoe, or Simsbury, of lands in Hartford, once owned by John his father, and also by his grandfather John. That he was si large landholder appears from entries in the form of a memorandum on the lirst book of land records, dated as an entry Feb. 1C65. (As the first records of the town were burned) I take this entry to be done at a later or subsequent date to the lire, at one time, and in one hand, as follows, viz:

Lands belonging to John Andrews, (so spelled) of Farmington, in the jurisdiction of Connecticut, in New England, and to his heirs forever, viz., One parcel of land on which his dwelling-house now standeth, with their yards and gardens, containing eight acres, four acres of which ho bought of Thomas Upson, and abuts on the river on the west, on highway east, on Thomas Webster's land, south, and on John Stele, north.

One pai eel in secoitd meadow, containing 16 acres, 8 acres of which he bought of Thomas Upson, and abuts on river -.vest, on common land east, on John Lee, south, and on common swamp, north.

One parcel of 12 acres, 6 of which he bought of Thomas Upson; it is plow land and upland.

One parcel of land on third meadow, containing 5 acres, and abuts west on the river, &c

One parcel containing 10 acres of upland, which the town gave him, and abuts on highway leading to the mountain.

One parcel of 3 acres, with a messuage or tenement thereon, he bought of Moses Venters, of Farmington; it abuts west on the river.

One parcel of wood-land, containing four acres, given him by the town, and abuts west on John Lee's laud.

A. D. 1673 was divided to him by the proprietors, 93 acres.

Note. The above are mere specimens of lands entered to John An


1. Mary, born 1643, bap. 16th May, 1668, mar.Thomas Barnes; 2d, Bronson.

2. John, born 1646, bap. 16th May, 1658, mar.

8. Hunnah, born 26th Fob. 1647, bap. 16th May, 1668, m. about 1666, Obadiah Richards. 4. Abraham, born 31st Oct. 1648, bap. 2d April, 1664, m. about 1682, Sarah Porter. 6. Daniel, born 27th May, 1649, bap. 2d April, 1664, mar.

6. Joseph, born 26th May, 1661, bap. 2d April, 1654, mar. about 1677, Rebecca .

7. Rachel, born 1654, bap. 9th April, 1654, married 18th March, 1676, Ezekiel Buck, of WethcrsfielJ.

8. Stephen, born 1666, bap. 6th June, 1666, probably died young.

9. Benjumin, born 1659, bap. 17th June, 1659, mar. 26th May, 1682, Mary Smith.

Copy of the, original Will of John Andrews, sen., of Farmington.

"I John Andrews being grown aged, and niuny weaknesses attending of me from time to lime, and now at this present it pleaselh Ihe most high to visit me with more than ordinary weakness, yet through the good hand of God upon me, I have at this present the perfect use of my understanding, now I do think it meet to set that little at a stay, as I am able that God hath given me; all my lawful debts being discharged, I dispose of my estate as followeth:

Item. I give and bequeath unto my dear and loving wife Mary Andrews, the new end of my dwelling house, and the seller under, for her use and comfort as long as it shall please God to continue her natural life; I do also give her the use of half my orchard, the fruit of it as long as she liv eth; moreover I do give and bequeath unto my dear and loving wife, my feather bed, with all the furniture belonging to it, and when it shall please God to end her natural life my mind is that she shall have liberty to dispose of it to whom she please.

Item. I do give unto my son Benjamin Andrews, my whole house and barn and home lot, after my loving wife's decease. My mind is that my son Benjamin shall possess after my decease half my house and my home lot and barn wholly for his to possess, as also the household stuff, reserving that liberty that my wife shall use that she shall need.

Item. I give to my son Benjamin my meadow lot, excepting two acres at the lower end of it, as also two cows to my son Benjamin, and one to my loving wife, yet moreover I give to my son Benjamin Andrews, my splayed mare, and my crown marc, and my two youngest working bullocks, and my cart, and plow, and plow-irons, harrow, plow-chains, horse chains, half a timber chain, and all my tackling that belongs to my teame, and my will is that my son Benjamin shall have these things above mentioned upon that condition, that he maintayne his dear mother comfortably, so long as her natural life continueth, and if it so fall out that my loving wife doth want a comfortable subsistence my will is that she shall have power to sell so much of my meadow land as she shall need lo obtain a comfortable livelyhood.

Item. I give to my son John Andrews one of my old bullocks, my long fowling piece, and my lot adjoining of land that abutteth upon Hartford bounds.

Item. I give to my son Abraham Andrews my old mare and her sucking colt, and my 20 acre lot in the great swamp adjoining his own lot.

Item. I give my 6011 Daniel Andrews two acres of my meadow land at the lower end, beginning at the dividing line between John Stanley, jun. and myselfe, running from the river westward, to the ditch eastward, and my mind is that he shall maintain the common fence that belongs to two acres, and I give him my upland lot that belongs to my twenty acre swamp lot, and my two year old horse coalte, and also I give to my son Daniel Andrews two swine that are one year old.

Item. I give to my son Joseph Andrews my other old bullock, also I give to him my upland lot containing 40 acres, that lyeth near the Middleton path.

Item. I give to my son Benjamin all the divisions of upland that belong to me, that are not yet laid out, moreover, I leave the rest of my swine, and my corn I leave to discharge my debts in my son Benjamin's hands, as also he sliull pay some small legacies.

Item. I give to my grand-child, Thomas Barnes, twenty shillings.

Item. I give to my grand-child, John Andrews, one pound.

Item. I give to my grand-child, Abraham Andrews, one pound.

Item. I give to my grand-child, Daniel Andrews, one pound.

hem. I give to my grand-child, Ezekiel Buck, one pound.

Respecting my grand child, Joseph Andrews, my son John Andrews son, if he sees meet to let him continue with my wife and my son Benjamin till he is one and twenty years, he shall have fifteen pounds, and two suits of apparel. If he sees cause to take him away before he is of that age, I do give him nothing, and he shall pay nothing lor the time I have kept him.

Item. I give to my daughter, Mary Barnes, my black heifer, that is two years old.

Item. I give to my daughter, Hannah Richards, two yearlings.

Item. I give to my daughter, Rachel Buck, my two year old red heifer. My will is that my son Benjamin Andrews shall be my whole and sole executor, and 1 desire my loving friends, Capt. John Stanley, and Isack Moore, to be the overseeing of my will with my son Daniel Andrews.

Upon second consideration of my will, considering the contents thereof, and my just debts being considered, I find them more than I expected, make this my whole and sole testament, and determined will, that all the cuttle excepting such as are mentioned, and given by will to my loving wife and Benjamin, shall be set at liberty for the discharging my just debts with the swine and the corn as before exprest, all just debts being dis

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