An Account of an Embassy to the Kingdom of Ava in the Year 1795, Volume 2

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Constable and Company, 1827 - British

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Page 57 - Company on the one part, and his majesty the King of Ava on the other. Art. II. His majesty the King of Ava renounces all claims, and will abstain from all future interference with the principality of Assam, and its dependencies, and also with the contiguous petty states of Cachar and Jynteea. With regard to Munnipore, it is stipulated, that should Ghumbeer Singh desire to return to that country, he shall be recognised by the King of Ava as rajah thereof.
Page 59 - Honourable the Governor-General in Council, and the ratification shall be delivered to His Majesty, the King of Ava, in four months, or sooner if possible, and all the Burmese prisoners shall, in like manner, be delivered over to their own Government as soon as they arrive from Bengal.
Page 58 - Government to maintain the relations of peace and amity between the nations, and as part indemnification to the British Government for the expenses of the war, his Majesty the King of Ava agrees to pay the sum of one crore of rupees.
Page 59 - ... honour and good faith, as if hostilities had not taken place between the two nations; and no advantage shall be taken by either party of the period that may have elapsed since the debts were incurred, or in consequence of the war; and, according to the universal law of nations, it is further stipulated, that the property of all British subjects who may die in the dominions of his Majesty the King of Ava shall, in the absence of legal heirs, be placed in the hands of the British Resident, or Consul...
Page 59 - This treaty to be .ratified by the Burmese authorities competent in the like cases, and the ratification to be accompanied by all British, whether European or native, American and other prisoners, who will be delivered over to the British commissioners...
Page 42 - British lines on the morning of the 14th (pronounced a fortunate day by their soothsayers), determined to sacrifice their lives at the dearest rate, as they had nothing else...
Page 14 - On entering the lake, the number of boats that were moored as in a harbour, to avoid the influence of the sweeping flood, the singularity of their construction, the height of the waters, which threaten inundation to the whole city, and the amphitheatre of lofty hills that nearly surrounded us, altogether presented a novel scene, exceedingly interesting to a stranger.
Page 203 - When the pot is filled, two men take the rope by the end, and run down a declivity, which is cut in the ground, to a distance equivalent to the depth of the well ; thus when they reach the end of their track, the pot is raised to its proper elevation...
Page 59 - The good and faithful ally of the British government, his Majesty the King of Siam, having taken a part in the present war, will, to the fullest extent, as far as regards his Majesty and his subjects, be included in the above treaty.
Page 58 - In order to secure and improve the relations of amity and peace hereby established between the two States, it is agreed that accredited Ministers from each shall reside at the Court of the other.