Geschichte der Chirurgie und ihrer Ausübung, Volume 3

Front Cover
A. Hirschwald, 1898

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Page 353 - Peter). A Discourse of the Whole Art of Chyrurgerie. Wherein is exactly set downe the Definition, Causes, Accidents, Prognostications, and Cures of all sorts of Diseases, both in generall and particular, which at any time heretofore...
Page 334 - Further, the gild was entitled to claim each year, " ane condampnit man efter he be deid to mak anatomea of quhairthrow we may haif experience " ; in other words, one executed criminal might be claimed for dissection purposes.
Page 337 - ... serve to teache men to knowe the workes of learned masters of old tyme ; but assure thy selfe, (what so ever suche masters have wrytten), thou shalt never perfectlye digest to thine owne use, anye thinge in them, except thou be able to joyne by comparison, that which thou haste sene in other mennes workes before thine eies, and in the practise of thine owne handes, wyth that whiche thou findest wrytten in olde authors ; for lyttle profit, swetenesse, or understandinge shall one gette of authores...
Page 223 - De Chirurgia scriptores optimi quique veteres et recentiores, plerique in Germania, antehac non editi, nunc primum in unum coniuncti volumen.
Page 86 - Ein sdtzam warhaßig geschieht / von einer Mitbürgerin zu Wienn / welche bey vier jaren ein todt Kindt im leib tragen / das nachmals im 1549. Jar den 10. Novembris von jr durch den leib geschnitten worden unnd sy durch die gnad Gottes bey leben bliben / verhaut / und gesundt worden ist.
Page 334 - And in lyke waves he knaw all the vaynis of the samyn thatt he may mak flewbothomea in dew tyme. And als thatt he knaw in quhilk member the signe hes domination for the tyme for every man aucht to knaw the nature and substance of every thing thatt he wirkis or ellis he is negligent.
Page 337 - ... imagin. For sythe they are both partes one of an other, how can they be devided or separate wythout detriment to them bothe ? for it is not a whole body that lacketh one of hys chiefe' members, or partes ; for nether can chirurgerye be perfectlye learned wythoute theorike, nor phisike wythoute practise. And wheras theorike and practise goe not together, whether ye call it phisike or chirurgery, I dare boldlye affirme, that there is in them no manner of perfection worthy commendation. Yet some...
Page 146 - Hoplocrisma Spongus ; or a Sponge to wipe away the Weapon-Salve. A treatise wherein is proved that the cure late taken up amongst us, by applying the salve to the weapon, is magicall and unlawful.
Page 202 - GOttes mit mir hinfahren, ich wäre doch verderbt zu einem Kriegsmann, doch fiel mir ein Knecht ein, von dem ich etwann von meinem Vatter seel. und alten Knechten...
Page 334 - ... for anathomyes, . . . and to make incision of the same deade bodies or otherwise to ordre the same aftre their discretions at their pleasures, for their further and better knowledge instruction insight lerning and experience in the said science or facultie of surgery.

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