International and metric units of measurements

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Chemical Pub. Co., 1973 - Science - 107 pages
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16 volt abampere abohm absolute joules absolute watts abvolt acre foot ADDITIONAL UNITS ampere ampere turn angstrom unit apothecaries astronomical unit atomic atomic mass unit Avogadro constant avoirdupois pound British Thermal Unit BTU per Bureau of Standards calorie per second Canadian pound CAPACITANCE centimeters per second coulomb cubic centimeter cubic foot cubic inches cubic meter decimeter defined density and concentration dry measure dyne dynes per square effective July electrical electrical horsepower electromotive force electron volt electrostatic unit energy Ephemeris equal equivalent Fahrenheit farad feet fluid dram fluid ounce foot per foot per second foot pound foot pound per ft per sec gallon gram calorie per gram force gram mass gram per cubic hectometer horsepower hour I.T. gram calorie inch of mercury inch per second induction international and old international cubic international foot international inch international pound international units international watt kilogram kilogram calorie kilogram meters kiloliter kilometer kilometer per hour kilowatt hour lb force liter long ton magnetic field MAGNETIC FLUX MAGNETIC FLUX DENSITY magnetic induction magnetomotive force maxwell per square mean solar mean solar days Mendenhall Order mercury at 0C meter per minute meter per second metric metric horsepower metric system microgram millibar milligram milligram per milliliter millimeters millimeters of mercury National Bureau National Physical Laboratory nautical mile newton meter October 14 oersted Ohm's Law old United ounce per PARSEC pennyweight per centimeter per cubic per cubic centimeter per hour per million per minute per second per per square per square centimeter per square foot per square inch potential difference pound force pound mass poundal pounds per square radian reactance related as follows second based second per second second second short ton speed of light square centimeter square foot square meter square mile statampere statcoulomb statvolt system of units systems are related tables tesla ton per troy ounce troy pound turn per turn per inch U.S. customary unit U.S. lb unit 1 U.S. United States customary units of length units of mass volt water at 4C watt hour X o X yard

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