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Awakenings by this amazing author is a must read for anyone fascinated with the patients experience through a world of wonderfully written case histories and personal narratives. Learning about this nearly forgotten epidemic and the amazing journey each person went through during their treatment is testiment to a diligent and very brilliant neurologist!! 

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Reviewed Jan 2005
I loved the movie and have been looking for the book. Found it this xmas season while shopping for presents. The movie is based on events in the book, the story line is a bit
stretched. Sacks writes case studioes of 20 patients, detailing their illness before and after L-DOPA. As with his other book "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat" he speaks as a doctor not as a novelist, making the reading difficult at times. I know I skipped over hundreds of words I would never be able to pronounce.
The stories of these patients and their wasted lives is overwhelmingly sad, to be frozen, dependent on others and in many cases abandoned by family is horrific. I was confused at times to read that many of the patients could speak and understood some of what was happening around them. In the movie this isn't true. The patients upon awakening teach the staff and family that they are real people with frustrations and desires unique to themselves.
Almost more sad were the underlying problems at the hospital. Programs cut, visitors discouraged, staff cut back...ect...which leads to horrible consequences. Severe depression and resentment also several deaths due to bedsores. I would like to think my boys would show an interest in this, maybe learning compassion and learning about human spirit and the will to survive.

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