The Life of Saint Columba: Founder of Hy, Volume 6

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William Reeves
Edmonston and Douglas, 1874 - Scotland - 385 pages
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Page 97 - LORD is: blessed is the man that trusteth in him. 9 O fear the LORD, ye that are his saints: for they that fear him lack nothing. 10 The lions do lack, and suffer hunger: but they who seek the LORD shall want no manner of thing that is good. 11 Come, ye children, and hearken unto me: I will teach you the fear of the LORD.
Page 252 - Alba, on the north : it is the confluence of many seas, from the west, from the east, from the south, and from the north ; each pouring itself into the place of the other, until they are swallowed down to the bottom, and until it is like an open caldron, sucking in and disgorging its draughts ; so that its roaring is like to distant thunder. And it was into this that Brecan, the son of Partholan, was drawn, and was drowned, with his fifty boats, when he fled out of Erin from his father.
Page clxi - Adamnan was a good man, according to the testimony of St. Beda, for he was tearful, penitent, given to prayer, diligent, ascetic, temperate ; he never used to eat except on Sunday and Thursday ; he made a slave of himself to these virtues ; and, moreover, he was wise and learned in the clear understanding of the Holy Scriptures of God.
Page 28 - ... paces. But what is stranger still : to those who were with him in the church, his voice did not seem louder than that of others ; and yet at the same time persons more than a mile away heard it so distinctly that they could mark each syllable of the verses he was singing, for his voice sounded the same whether far or near.
Page 97 - These, O my children, are the last words I address to you — that ye be at peace, and have unfeigned charity among yourselves ; and if you thus follow the example of the holy fathers, God, the Comforter of the good, will be your Helper, and I, abiding with Him, will intercede for you ; and He will not only give you sufficient to supply the wants of this present life, but will also bestow on you the good and eternal rewards which are laid up for those that keep His commandments.
Page 354 - ... iudicio existere de perpetrata iniquitate cognoscat et a sacratissimo corpore et sanguine Dei et Domini redemptoris no/stri Jesu Christi aliena fiat atque in extremo examine districte ultioni subiaceat.
Page 97 - Small and mean though this place is, yet it shall be held in great and unusual honour, not only by Scotic kings and people, but also by the rulers of foreign and barbarous nations, and by their subjects ; the saints also even of other churches shall regard it with no common reverence.
Page 353 - Fionnghall, and his service and waking were honourably performed during eight days and eight nights, and he was laid in the same grave with his father in Teampal Oghrain in the year of our Lord 1380.
Page 33 - Christ bless thee, brother ; do thou break the bread alone, according to the Episcopal rite, for I know now that thou art a bishop. Why hast thou disguised thyself so long, and prevented our giving thee the honour we owe to thee ?' On hearing the saint's words, the humble stranger was greatly astonished, and adored Christ in His saint, and the bystanders in amazement gave glory to God.
Page cxxxix - Couch,' in the Old Stat. Acct. (xiv. p. 200). This building, whatever it was, stood in a hollow between Dunii and Dunbhuirg, and but faint vestiges of it now remain. In 1795 it is described as "the foundation of a small circular house, upon a reclining plain. From the door of the house, a walk ascends to a small hillock, with the remains of a wall upon each side of the walk, which grows wider to the hillock. There are evident traces of the walls of the walk taking a circuit round, and enclosing...

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