Notable women of the Covenant

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London, 1883 - 244 pages
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Page 158 - What, though in solemn silence all Move round the dark terrestrial ball ; What, though no real voice nor sound Amidst their radiant orbs be found ; In reason's ear they all rejoice, And utter forth a glorious voice, For ever singing, as they shine, ' The hand that made us is Divine.
Page 71 - Behold, the hour cometh, yea, is now come, that ye shall be scattered, every man to his own, and shall leave me alone : and yet I am not alone, because the Father is with me.
Page 83 - One adequate support For the calamities of mortal life Exists — one only ; an assured belief That the procession of our fate, howe'er Sad or disturbed, is ordered by a Being Of infinite benevolence and power ; Whose everlasting purposes embrace All accidents, converting them to good.
Page 60 - drawing out the soul to the hungry,'* &c., and that the receivers themselves were ofttimes astonished when they got so largely, as that in many miles they got not so much from all as from her alone, and it was the admiration of many how this could hold out with her ; but God blessed all. And when sometimes it was told her that many of those she gave to were but cheats and rogues (as indeed many of them were), she would freely 'answer : 'While we have opportunity, let us do good to all men, but especially...
Page 83 - Being Of infinite benevolence and power, Whose everlasting purposes embrace All accidents, converting them to good. The darts of anguish fix not where the seat Of suffering hath been thoroughly fortified By acquiescence in the Will supreme For time and for eternity — by faith, Faith absolute in God, including hope, And the defence that lies in boundless love Of His perfections...
Page 79 - Having obtained permission to pay him a visit of one half-hour, she contrived to bring as her page a tall, awkward, country clown, with a fair wig procured for the occasion, who had apparently been engaged in a fray, having his head tied up. On entering, she made them immediately change clothes ; they did so, and, on the expiration of the half-hour, she, in a flood of tears, bade farewell to her supposed father, and walked out of the prison with the most perfect dignity, and with a slow pace. The...
Page 125 - I disown you all, because you carry the sword against God and not for Him, and have these nineteen or twenty years made it your work to dethrone Him by swearing year after year against Him and His work, and assuming that power to a human creature which is due to Him alone, and have rent the members from their Head, Christ, and one another.
Page 143 - What do I see but Christ, in one of his members, wrestling there? Think you that we are the sufferers ? No, it is Christ in us ; for he sends none a warfare on their own charges.
Page 93 - Like the vase, in which roses have once been distilled — You may break, you may shatter the vase if you will. But the scent of the roses will hang round it still.
Page 104 - ... go about duties as you would, he counts your wandering better service to him than your preaching. My dear, a little while will put an end to all our troubles ; as for myself, I had reason always to bless the Lord that ever I knew you, and this day I desire to bless him more than ever, that ever I was so nearly related to you, and that I have a husband wandering and suffering for the truth.

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