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Sir John Young Walker MacAlister, Alfred William Pollard, Ronald Brunlees McKerrow, Sir Frank Chalton Francis
Oxford University Press, 1904 - Bibliography
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Page 177 - When Chantrey* dined with Rogers some time ago he took particular notice of the vase, and the table on which it stands, and asked Rogers who made the table. ' A common carpenter,' said Rogers. ' Do you remember the making of it ? ' said Chantrey. ' Certainly,' said Rogers, in some surprise. ' I was in the room while it was finished with the chisel, and gave the workman directions about placing it.
Page 21 - List of the founts of type and woodcut devices used by the printers of the southern Netherlands in the fifteenth century; A note on Eberhard Frommolt of Basel, printer; Additions to Campbel1's "Annales de la typographic neerlandaise au 156 siecle.
Page 401 - A Remonstrance of Many Thousand Citizens, and other Free-born People of England, To their owne House of Commons. Occasioned through the Illegall and Barbarous Imprisonment of the Famous and Worthy Sufferer for his Countries Freedoms, Lieutenant Col. John Lilburne.
Page 139 - ... general character of the nation. The landlords, hostesses, and servants of the inns upon the road, have not the least dash of complaisance in their behaviour to strangers. Instead of coming to the door to receive you, as in England, they take no manner of notice of you ; but leave you to find or inquire your way into the kitchen, and there you must ask several times for a chamber, before they seem willing to conduct you upstairs.
Page 178 - WE— The Mikado's Empire. Book I. History of Japan, from BC 660 to AD 1872. Book II. Personal Experiences, Observations, and Studies in Japan, 1870-1874. Second Edition. Illustrated.
Page 129 - Songes and Sonettes written by the ryght honorable lorde Henry Howard, late Earle of Surrey, and other...
Page 360 - ... un mot, une fleur font que vous vous arrêtez et que vous relevez la tête vers le triangle céleste. Exercer les nobles facultés de l'homme est un grand bien, voilà pourquoi le génie est une belle chose; mais doubler ses facultés, presser un cœur et une intelligence sur son intelligence et sur son cœur, c'est le bonheur suprême. Dieu n'en a pas fait plus pour l'homme; voilà pourquoi l'amour vaut mieux que le génie.
Page 425 - H. — The first Folio, in my opinion, is the only edition worth regarding. And it is much to be wished, that an edition of Shakespeare were given literatim according to the first Folio : which is now become so scarce and dear, that few persons can obtain it.. For, by the presumptuous licence of the dwarfish commentators, who are for ever cutting him down to their own size, we risque the loss of Shakespeare's genuine text ; which that Folio assuredly contains...
Page 402 - AN ALARUM TO THE HOUSE OF LORDS: Against their insolent Usurpation of the Common Liberties, and Rights of this Nation. Manifested by them, in their present Tyrannicall Attempts against...
Page 336 - SOCIETY (for weekly exchange of Books at the houses of Subscribers) from TWO GUINEAS per Annum. COUNTRY SUBSCRIPTIONS from TWO GUINEAS per Annum. NB— Two or Three Friends may UNITE IN ONE SUBSCRIPTION, and thus lessen the Cost of Carriage. LIBRARY BOXES GRATIS. Town and Village Clubs supplied on Liberal Terms. Prospectuses and Monthly Lists of Books gratis and post free. SALE

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