Friends and acquaintances, by the author of 'Episodes in an obscure life'.

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Page 261 - Whosoever hath anything fixed in his person that doth induce contempt hath also a perpetual spur in himself to rescue and deliver himself from scorn.
Page 299 - Be present at our table, Lord. Be here and everywhere adored. Thy creatures bless, and grant that we May feast in Paradise with Thee.
Page 300 - We thank Thee, Lord, for this our food, But more because of Jesus' blood ; Let manna to our souls be given , The bread of Life sent down from heaven.
Page 304 - East to see if they can find Jesus. If wise men like them wanted Him, an' took all that trouble, you may be sure you want Him; for you ain't wise men, are you? but little boys and gals that might be a deal wiser.
Page 231 - kind gentleman." This little business done, Sam and I chatted about the sermon he had heard in the morning. " It was about the loaves and the little fishes," said Sam, " and a fine sermon it was. But I was so taken up with thinkin' about what I'd made last week that I couldn't help wishin' there was something about taties in the Bible. But I suppose they wasn't invented then, and yet there must have been taties in the world from the beginnin' of it, or else where could ourn have come from ? It's...
Page 306 - Testament, an' try to copy what He said an' did. That's the best pictur' of Him anybody can dror. It'll be a poor thing, after all, like this here ; but you can keep on rubbing out, an' tryin
Page 305 - An' that's the Blessed Jesus smilin' so sweetly, with that sun like round his head. It 'ucl be a poor pictur' of His dear face, if the light was ever so good. But that don't matter much. There's some beautiful faces of Jesus you can see, when you get a bit bigger, in the Nashnal Gallery — out West-end way ; but there ain't one that won't seem but what it could be bcautifuller if you've got to love Jesus. Do you read about Jesus in the Testament, an' try to copy what He said an

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