Fund Publicaion, Issue 7

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1874 - Maryland
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Page 1 - Fine groves of trees appear, not choked with briers or bushes and undergrowth, but growing at intervals as if planted by the hand of man, so that you can drive a four-horse carriage, wherever you choose, through the midst of the trees. Just at the mouth of the river, we observed the natives in arms. That night, fires blazed through the whole country, and since they had never seen such a large ship, messengers were sent in all directions, who reported that a Canoe, like an island had come with as...
Page 17 - They live in houses built in an oblong, oval shape. Light is admitted into these through the roof, by a window a foot and a half long; this also serves to carry off the smoke, for they kindle the fire in the middle of the floor, and sleep around the fire. Their kings, however, and chief men have private apartments, as...
Page 74 - God, the event has not disappointed the expectation ; for he has joined our faith, some others also being brought over with him ; and on the 5th of July 1640, when he was sufficiently instructed in the mysteries of the faith, in a solemn manner he received the sacramental waters in a little chapel, which, for that purpose and for divine worship, he had erected, out of bark, after the manner of the Indians. At the same time the queen, with an infant at the breast, and others of the principal men,...
Page xvii - ... up by the waves. Nor was the weather more promising on the next day, which was the festival of Andrew the Apostle. The clouds, accumulating in a frightful manner, were fearful to behold, before they separated, and excited the belief that all the malicious spirits of the storm, and all the evil genii of Maryland had come forth to battle against us.
Page 7 - ... countries, he gave us to understand that he was pleased at our coming. The interpreter was one of the Protestants of Virginia. And so, as the Father could not stop for further discourse at the time, he promised that he would return before very long. "That is just what I wish," said Archihu, "we will eat at the same table ; my followers too shall go to hunt for you, and we will have all things in common.
Page 5 - This had never been done before in this part of the world. After we had completed the sacrifice, we took upon our shoulders a great cross, which we had hewn out of a tree, and advancing in order to the appointed place, with the assistance of the Governor and his associates and the other Catholics, we erected a trophy to Christ the Saviour, humbly reciting, on our bended knees, the Litanies of the Sacred Cross, with great emotion.
Page 15 - And as they live almost to extreme old age without having beard?, they counterfeit them with paint, by drawing lines of various colors from the extremities of the lips to the ears. They generally have black hair, which they carry round in a knot to the left ear, and fasten with a band, adding some ornament which is in estimation among them.
Page 23 - ... forward quite a large bag: in the bag is a pipe and a powder which they call Potu. The pipe is such a one as is used among us for smoking tobacco, but much larger; then the bag is carried round the fire, and the boys and girls follow it, singing alternately with tolerably pleasant voices, Yaho, yalio.
Page 9 - Clement's, growing bolder, began to mingle more freely with our sentinels. For we kept watch by day and night, to guard, from sudden attacks, our men, who were cutting wood, as well as the vessel which we were building, having brought with us the separate planks and ribs. It was pleasant to hear them admiring everything, especially wondering where in the world a tree had grown large enough to be carved into a ship of such huge size; for they supposed it had been cut out from a single trunk of a tree,...
Page 33 - The first and most important design of the Most Illustrious Baron, which also ought to be the aim of the rest, who go in the same ship, is, not to think so much of planting fruits and trees in a land so fruitful, as of sowing the seeds of religion and piety.

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