Memoirs of the Dutch trade in all the states, empires, and kingdoms in the world: Shewing its first rise and amazing progress: after what manner the Dutch manage and carry on their commerce; their vast dominions and government in the Indies, and by what means they have made themselves masters of all the trade of Europe ... A treatise very neccessary for every Englishman. Tr. from the French, now printed at Amsterdam

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Printed for C. Rivington, 1719 - History - 232 pages

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Page ii - If we will only remember," wrote Huet, "that England and Holland, which (by Reason of their Situation) make so great a Figure in the Affairs of Europe, regulate their principal Interest always with an Eye to their Commerce; and this was the principal Motive which caused the last Wars; (that is, Security of their Trade,) we shall be entirely satisfied, that Commerce ought to have no mean Place in modern Politicks.
Page 16 - England, augmented confiderably the Inhabitants of the United Provinces, and the Wars which broke out in the Year 1634, in the Low Countries, between France and Spain, made likewife great Numbers of Merchants and Workmen come into...
Page 16 - The Perfections which Spain renewed with too great Severity in feveral Places, againft thofe who had embraced the new Opinions, peopled the United Provinces with a World of excellent Artifans, who fet up there feveral new Manufactures, and brought thofe they had already there to great Perfection.
Page 20 - The Truce of twelve Years being concluded in the Beginning of the Year 1609, between the Spaniards and the United Provinces, the States General omitted nothing all that time to increafe their Trade where it was already eftablifhed, or to eOablim it where they never had eflablimed it before.
Page 79 - Footing, apply d themfelves more than ever, with all Care and Diligence, to put themfelves in that Condition, as never more to have occafion of the French Manufactures j and they fucceeded fo well in -this laft Article, that they fet up...
Page 15 - Account of the Situation, which is very advantageous for trading with all Europe. But they wanted to be in a Country where Foreigners were not obliged to pay fuch Cuftoms, and other Taxes, which the native Englijh...
Page 15 - It is aftonifhing to think, that the Merchants of Antwerp, in leaving a Place the moft convenient in the World for Trade, fhould make choice of one feeming the moft improper in all Łurope.
Page xi - I defire thofe who will give themfelves the trouble to read, would not think to be the fimple Speculation of a Man of Letters, but the true Sentiments of the moft able Merchants of Holland...

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