Herb of Grace, Volume 1

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J.B. Lippincott Company, 1901 - 440 pages
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Page 443 - Popular Copyright Novels AT MODERATE PRICES Ask Your Dealer for a Complete List of AL Burt Company's Popular Copyright Fiction Abner Daniel. By Will N. Harben. Adventures of Gerard. By A. Conan Doyle. Adventures of a Modest Man. By Robert W. Chambers.
Page 16 - Friendship requires that rare mean betwixt likeness and unlikeness, that piques each with the presence of power and of consent in the other party. Let me be alone to the end of the world, rather than that my friend should overstep, by a word or a look, his real sympathy. I am equally balked by antagonism and by compliance.
Page 366 - SHALL I FORGET? SHALL I forget on this side of the grave ? I promise nothing : you must wait and see Patient and brave. (O my soul, watch with him and he with me.) Shall I forget in peace of Paradise ? I promise nothing : follow, friend, and see, Faithful and wise. (O my soul, lead the way he walks with me.) VANITY OF VANITIES.
Page 442 - Felix O'Day. By F. Hopkinson Smith. 54-40 or Fight By Emerson Hough. Fighting Chance, The. By Robert W. Chambers.
Page 446 - Wanted — A Chaperon. By Paul Leicester Ford. Wanted: A Matchmaker. By Paul Leicester Ford. Watchers of the Plains, The. By Ridgwell Cullum. White Sister, The* By Marion Crawford.
Page 441 - Ann Boyd. By Will N. Harben. Anna the Adventuress. By E. Phillips Oppenheim.
Page 446 - Throwback, The. By Alfred Henry Lewis. Thurston of Orchard Valley. By Harold Bindloss. Title Market, The. By Emily Post. Torn Sails. A Tale of a Welsh Village.
Page 443 - Lane That Had No Turning, The. By Gilbert Parker. Langford of the Three Bars. By Kate and Virgil D. Boyles. Last Trail, The. By Zane Grey. Leavenworth Case, The. By Anna Katharine Green. Lilac Sunbonnet, The. By SR Crockett.
Page 442 - Flamsted Quarries. By Mary E. Waller. Flying Mercury, The. By Eleanor M. Ingram. For a Maiden Brave. By Chauncey C. Hotchkiss. Four Million, The. By O. Henry. Four Pool's Mystery, The. By Jean Webster. Fruitful Vine, The. By Robert Hichens.
Page 407 - But the souls of the righteous are in the hand of God, and there shall no torment touch them. In the sight of the unwise they seemed to die: and their departure is taken for misery. And their going from us to be utter destruction: but they are in peace.

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