Western Medical Times, Volume 41, Issue 10

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George Lee Servoss
1922 - Medicine
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Page ii - Amenorrhea, Dysmenorrhea, and other Disturbances of Menstruation Despite the fact that Ergoapiol (Smith) exerts a pronounced analgesic and sedative effect upon the entire reproductive system, its use is not attended with the objectionable byeffects associated with anodyne or narcotic drugs. The unvariable certainty, agreeableness and singular promptness with which Ergoapiol (Smith) relieves the several varieties of amenorrhea and...
Page ii - Non-Poisonous, Unirritating, Antiseptic Solution Agreeable and satisfactory alike to the Physician, Surgeon, Nurse and Patient. Listerine has a wide field of usefulness and its unvarying quality assures like results under like conditions.
Page 320 - American Illustrated Medical Dictionary. A new and complete dictionary of terms used in Medicine, Surgery, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Chemistry, Veterinary Science, Nursing, Biology, and kindred branches; with new and elaborate tables.
Page 316 - The essential contrast is that for rationalism reality is ready-made and complete from all eternity, while for pragmatism it is still in the making, and awaits part of its complexion from the future. On the one side the universe is absolutely secure, on the other it is still pursuing its adventures.
Page 316 - On the pragmatist side we have only one edition of the universe, unfinished, growing in all sorts of places, especially in the places where thinking beings are at work. On the rationalist side we have a universe in many editions, one real one, the infinite folio, or Edition de luxe, eternally complete; and then the various finite editions, full of false readings, distorted and mutilated each in its own way.
Page 288 - CHLOROSIS: AMENORRHEA: BRIGHT'S DISEASE: CHOREA: TUBERCULOSIS: RICKETS: RHEUMATISM: MALARIA: MALNUTRITION: CONVALESCENCE: As a GENERAL SYSTEMIC TONIC After LA GRIPPE, TYPHOID, Etc. Dose: One tablespoonful after each meal. Children in proportion. MJ BREITENBACH COMPANY New York, USA Our Bacteriological Wall Chart or our Differential Diagnosis Chart will be sent to any Physician upon request.
Page 302 - I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided; and that is the lamp of experience. I know of no way of judging the future but by the past...
Page ii - ORE people die from pneumonia than any other disease. Approximately 25 out of every 100 cases end fatally. Dr. Gustav Goldman has demonstrated that at least twenty of these twenty-five deaths may be prevented by employing Bacterial Vaccines. Why delay and chance a fatal termination? Dr.
Page 291 - Billiousness- Jaundice Auto- Intoxication call for cholagogue action, and the efficiency of CHIONIA in this direction makes it one of the most serviceable remedies that can be employed in the treatment of these conditions. Used with careful regulation of the diet, Chionia rapidly restores the activity of the hepatic functions. Effective, however, as Chionia is in stimulating the liver, it has the further advantage of never producing pronounced or undesirable catharsis. Peacock; Chemical Co., st.Louis.Mo.
Page 295 - Special Report of the Committee on local anesthesia of the section on Ophthalmology of the American Medical Association...

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