Gas and Petroleum Engines: A Practical Treatise on the Internal Combustion Engine

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E. & F.N. Spon, 1890 - Internal combustion engines - 596 pages
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Formation of Peat and Coal
Composition and heating power of coal
Raw petroleum split up by fractional distillations into benzine
Products from Scotch shale oil
Variation in the heat of combustion with temperature
Gases produced by the distillation of coal coke wood c
Calculation of the total heat generated by burning one cubic foot
Ratio of the specific heats of the products of combustion as deter
Dowson gas
Composition of gas from different producers
Changes produced in the gaseous mixture by combustion in the
Keiths process of making oilgas and the apparatus used
Heat energy equivalent of coal coal gas and Dowson gas
Crossley engine driven by Dowson gas 26
Absolute Zero of temperature
The changes that take place in a gas during adiabatic expansion
Determination of the temperature in the cylinder throughout
Estimate of highest temperature of explosive mixture in the
Bunsens measurement of the velocity of inflammation in explosive
Conclusions deduced by Berthelot and Vieille from the results
Experiments by Mr Dugald Clerk on the time of explosion
Experiments by Professor Aime Witz on explosive mixtures
Results from experiment and practice
Carnots cycle of operations in his ideal perfect heat engine
Ideal indicator diagrams
Definition of absolute scale of temperature
Formula for the calculation of combustion temperature given
Earliest ignition by heated tube 13
Vapour pressure pyrometer 309
Platinum ball pyrometer 310
Effects of heat on matter 288
Methods of regulating speed 27
Thermal capacity 239

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