Massachusetts Reports: Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, Volume 7

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Page 160 - Coke (vo1. 1, 1040,) is, that 'when the ancestor by any gift or conveyance takes an estate of freehold, and in the same gift or conveyance an estate is limited, either mediately or immediately, to his heirs in fee or in tail, that always in such cases 'the heirs' are words of limitation of the estate and not words of purchase.
Page 207 - a hurt of any part of a man's body whereby he is rendered less able, in...
Page 67 - The case was tried by the court in lieu of a jury, upon an agreed statement of facts, from which it appears that the plaintiff...
Page 274 - Congress above mentioned and an act laying an embargo on all ships and vessels in the ports and harbors of the United States and the several acts supplementary thereto, may be renewed.
Page 232 - In all controversies concerning property, and in all suits between two or more persons, except in cases in which it has heretofore been otherways used and practised, the parties have a right to a trial by jury; and this method of procedure shall be held sacred, unless, in causes arising on the high seas, and such as relate to mariners' wages, the legislature shall hereafter find it necessary to alter it.
Page 58 - I have good right to sell and convey the same as aforesaid ; and that I will and my heirs, executors, and administrators, shall warrant and defend the same to the grantee and his heirs and assigns forever against the lawful claims and demands of all persons.
Page 242 - Suppose A owes B 100, and B owes C 100, and the three meet and it is agreed between them that A shall pay C the 100, B's debt is extinguished, and C may recover the sum from A.
Page 199 - ... if the court should be of opinion that the plaintiff was entitled to recover.
Page 42 - Holt, and agreed to by the whole bench, " that if a contract be per verba de prcesenti, it amounts to an actual marriage, which the very parties themselves cannot dissolve by release or other mutual agreement; for it is as much a marriage in the sight of God as if it had been in facie Ecclesice...
Page 92 - As the law will not imply a promise where there was an express promise, so the law will not imply a promise of any person against his own express declaration.

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