From the West to the West: Across the Plains to Oregon

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A.C. McClurg & Company, 1905 - Oregon - 297 pages
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Page 288 - There is that scattereth, and yet increaseth; and there is that withholdeth more than is meet, but it tendeth to poverty.
Page 317 - The work has been well edited, and the mechanics are of a superior character." — Baltimore Sun. AC McCLURG & CO., PUBLISHERS, CHICAGO 1804-5-6 (McClurg Library Reprints of Americana) Reprinted from the Edition of 1814. With an Introduction by JAMES K. HOSMER, LL.D., an analytical Index, and photogravure portraits and maps. In two volumes, boxed, 1,083 pages, gilt top. $5.00 net. Large-paper edition, on Brown's hand-made paper, illustrations on Japan vellum, limited to 150 copies, boxed. $18.00...
Page 129 - Tis no lone isle on a boundless main, No brilliant but distant shore, Where the lovely ones who are called away Must go to return no more. No, heaven is near us ; the mighty veil Of mortality blinds the eye, That we cannot see the angel bands, On the shores of eternity.
Page 315 - bridge of the gods," the author has derived a truthful and realistic picture of the powerful tribes that inhabited the Oregon country two centuries ago. The Syracuse Hcraldca&s the author of " The Bridge of the Gods " " the best writer of Indian romance since the days of Fenimore Cooper.
Page 130 - I know when the silver cord is loosed, When the veil is rent away, Not long and dark shall the passage be To the realms of endless day.
Page 315 - A vivid picture of the Indian wars preceding the Louisiana purchase, of the expedition of Lewis and Clark, and of events following the occupation of Oregon." — The Congregationalist. " it may not be the great American novel we have been waiting for so long, but it certainly looks as though it would be very near it.
Page 317 - Large-paper edition, on Brown's hand-made paper, illustrations on Japan paper, limited to 75 copies, boxed. $9.00 net. The appearance of this volume in the period of Lewis and Clark celebrations is especially pertinent, as no practical library edition has been available...
Page 132 - His little world, once warm and bright — It now was cold and dim. Where was her sweet and kindly face? Where was her cordial tone? He gazed around his dwelling-place, And felt he was alone. The wifely love — maternal care — The self-denying zeal — The smile of hope that chased despair, And promised future weal : The clean bright hearth — nice table spread— The charm o'er all things thrown — The sweetness in whate'er she said — All gone — he was alone ! He looked into his cold, wild...
Page 315 - The Bridge of the Gods By FH BALCH. A Romance of Indian Oregon. New (tenth) Edition, enlarged size. With eight fullpage illustrations by Laurens Maynard Dixon. Cloth, I2mo, 280 pages, gilt top. $1.50. Paper edition, without illustrations. 50 cents. Encouraged by the steady demand for this powerful story, since its publication twelve years ago, the publishers felt justified in issuing this attractive illustrated edition. The book has fairly earned its lasting popularity, not only by the intense interest...
Page 317 - It restores Gass's Journal to a common use. The portrait of Gass, which serves as a frontispiece, is a distinct addition." — American Historical Review. " No edition of Lewis and Clark is complete unless accompanied by the Journal of Patrick Gass. The work has been well edited, and the mechanics ere of a superior character.

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