The Spanish Fryar; Or, The Double Discovery: A Comedy

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J. Bell, 1797 - 136 pages
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Page 75 - to heavenly love thou may'st ascend. Sir Gilb. Very good again; and troth, I'm glad to hear thou art so heartily reconciled to it. Soph. Easier than air with air, if spirits embrace, Total they mix, union of pure with pure
Page 102 - Not to maintain, but bear them unreveng'd. " Kings' titles commonly begin by force, " Which time wears off, and mellows into right: " So power, which in one age is tyranny, " Is ripen'd in the next to true succession : " She's in possession. " Ray. So diseases are : " Should not a ling'ring fever be remov'd, " Because it long has rag'd within my blood
Page 103 - sleeping when he made her, too: " Had man been waking, he had ne'er consented." Now, son, suppose Some brave conspiracy were ready form'd, To punish tyrants and redeem the land, Could you so far belie your country's hope, As not to head the party ? Tor. How could my hand rebel against my heart
Page 109 - twere so; but love still doubts the worst. " My heavy heart, the prophetess of woes, " Forbodes some ill at hand. To sooth my sadness, " Sing me the song which poor Olympia made, " When false Bireno left her. < "SONG. " Farewell, ungrateful traitor, " Farewell, my perjur"d swain ; " Let never injur'd creature " Believe a man again.
Page 100 - I hope I come in time, if not to make, At least, to save your fortune and your honour: Take heed you steer your vessel right, my son ; This calm of Heaven, this mermaid's melody, Into an unseen whirlpool draws you fast, And in a moment sinks you. Tor. Fortune cannot, And Fate can scarce
Page 18 - i'faith, methought, unkindly. " It seems the holy stallion durst not score " Another sin before he left the world." Enter a Captain. Capt. To arms, my lord, to arms I From the Moors' camp the noise grows louder still : " Rattling of armour, trumpets, drums and ataballes ; " And sometimes peals of shouts that rend the heav'ns,
Page 7 - deceived if this be not abominable fustian, that is, thoughts and words ill sorted, and without the least relation to each other: yet I dare not answer for an audience, that they would not clap it on the stage : so little -value there
Page 8 - liking, but not to fix a lasting admiration ; for nothing but truth can long continue; and time is the surest judge of truth. I am not -vain enough to think I have left no faults in this, which that touchstone will not discover; neither indeed is it
Page 25 - promise, choice, the living and the dead; Mankind my foes, and only love my friend ; But such a love, kept at such awful distance, As, what it loudly dares to tell, a rival Shall fear to whisper there. Queens may be lov'd, And so may gods ; else why are altars rais'd
Page 73 - and, for my sake, Cast off these fearful melancholy thoughts. Tor. My heart is wither'd at that piteous sight, As early blossoms are with eastern blasts. He sent for me, and while I rais'd my head, He threw his aged arms about my neck ; And, seeing that I wept, he press'd me close

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