A System of Medicine: Based Upon the Law of Homoeopathy, Volume 1

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Hahnemann, 1885 - Homeopathy - 968 pages
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Page 621 - These diseased appearances, when very slight, do not always affect essentially the gastric apparatus. When considerable, and particularly when there are corresponding symptoms of disease, as dryness of the mouth, thirst, accelerated pulse, &c., no gastric juice can be extracted, not even on the application of alimentary stimulus.
Page 475 - Ox. ac., violent irritation of the alimentary canal; costiveness; difficulty of breathing; jerking inspiration, and sudden and forced expiration, as though the patient made a sudden effort to relieve himself of intense pain by expelling the air from the lungs. Oppression of the chest, especially towards the right side ; pain on expiration ; sharp, darting or lancinating pains in the heart and left lung, also in the amis; jerking pains like short stitches, confined to a small space, lasting for a...
Page 98 - ... 1. Acute and chronic Bright's disease of the kidneys. 2. Pregnancy and the puerperal state. 3. Febrile and inflammatory diseases. (Zymotic diseases, such as scarlet fever, measles, small-pox, typhoid, cholera, yellow fever, ague, diphtheria, etc. ; inflammatory diseases, such as pneumonia, peritonitis, traumatic fever, acute articular rheumatism, etc.) 4. Impediments to the circulation of the blood (emphysema* heart disease, abdominal tumours, cirrhosis, etc.) 5.
Page 621 - At other times, irregular, circumscribed red patches, varying in size or extent from half an inch to an inch and a half in circumference, are found on the internal coat. These appear to be the effect of congestion in the minute blood-vessels of the stomach, There are, also, seen at times small aphthous crusts in connection with these red patches.
Page 257 - ... cover-glass in the usual manner, a few drops of the stain are poured into a testtube and warmed ; as soon as steam rises pour into a watch-glass, and place the cover-glass on the stain. Allow it to remain for four or five minutes, then wash in methylated spirit until no more colour comes away ; drain thoroughly and dry, either in the air or over a spirit lamp. Mount in Canada balsam.
Page 257 - I think, prove useful to those requiring the demonstration of the tubercle bacillus for diagnostic purposes in a rapid manner. The. great advantage consists in doing away with the use of nitric acid. The stain is made as follows : Take of rosanilin hydrochloride two grammes, methyl blue one gramme ; rub them up in a glass mortar. Then dissolve...
Page 621 - There are sometimes found, on the internal coat of the stomach, eruptions or deep red pimples, not numerous, but distributed here and there upon the villous membrane, rising above the surface of the mucous coat. These are at first sharp-pointed and red, but frequently become filled with white purulent matter. At other times, irregular, circumscribed red patches, varying in size...
Page 689 - There are attacks of pain spreading from the navel over the abdomen, alternating with intervals of ease. The pain is tearing, cutting, pressing, most frequently twisting, pinching, introduced and accompanied by peculiar bearing-down pains.
Page 104 - Fossm are two large irregular cavities, situated in the middle line of the face, extending from the base of the cranium to the roof of the mouth, and separated from each other by a thin vertical septum. They communicate by two large apertures, the anterior nares, with the front of the face; and with the pharynx behind by the two posterior nares.
Page 119 - Swollen, inflamed nose, with sore and ulcerated nostrils ; painful eruption on the tip of the nose; feeling of dryness in the nose and fauces; obstruction of the nose ; violent, dry coryza, with roaring in the head and ears.

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