The vision; or, Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise, tr. by H.F. Cary

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Page 68 - Forth from His plastic hand, who charm'd beholds Her image ere she yet exist, the soul Comes like a babe, that wantons sportively, Weeping and laughing in its wayward moods; As artless, and as ignorant of aught, Save that her Maker being one who dwells With gladness ever, willingly she turns To whate'er yields her joy. Of some slight good The flavour soon she tastes ; and, snared by that, With fondness she pursues it; if no guide Recal, no rein direct her wandering course.
Page 121 - To succour thee, thou mayst or seat thee down, Or wander where thou wilt. Expect no more Sanction of warning voice or sign from me, Free of thy own arbitrement to chuse, Discreet, judicious. To distrust thy sense Were henceforth error. I invest thee then With crown and mitre, sovereign o'er thyself.
Page 187 - For there appeared unto them an horse with a terrible rider upon him, and adorned with a very fair covering, and he ran fiercely and smote at Heliodorus with his fore-feet, and it seemed that he that sat upon the horse had complete harness of gold.
Page 17 - E'en where its name is cancel'd, there came I, Pierced in the throat, fleeing away on foot, And bloodying the plain. Here sight and speech Fail'd me; and, finishing with Mary's name, I fell, and tenantless my flesh remain'd. I will report the truth; which thou again Tell to the living.
Page 28 - NOW was the hour that wakens fond desire In men at sea, and melts their thoughtful heart Who in the morn have bid sweet friends farewell, And pilgrim newly on his road with love Thrills, if he hear the vesper bell from far, That seems to mourn for the expiring day...
Page 86 - Enters Alagna; in his Vicar Christ Himself a captive, and his mockery Acted again. Lo! to his holy lip The vinegar and gall once more applied ; And he 'twixt living robbers doom'd to bleed.
Page 118 - From Beatrice thou art by this wall Divided.' As at Thisbe's name the eye Of Pyramus was open'd (when life ebb'd Fast from his veins) and took one parting glance, While vermeil dyed the mulberry ; thus I turn'd To my sage guide, relenting, when I heard The name that springs for ever in my breast. He shook his forehead ; and,
Page 123 - May-bloom, flush'd through many a hue, In prodigal variety: and there, As object, rising suddenly to view, That from our bosom every thought beside With the rare marvel chases, I beheld A lady* all alone, who, singing, went, And culling flower from flower, wherewith her way Was all o'er painted. " Lady beautiful ! Thou, who (if looks, that use to speak the heart, Art worthy of our trust) with love's own beam Dost warm thee...
Page 36 - Ashes, or earth ta'en dry out of the ground, Were of one colour with the robe he wore. From underneath that vestment forth he drew Two keys, of metal twain : the one was gold, Its fellow silver. With the pallid first, And next the burnish'd, he so ply'd the gate, As to content me well.
Page 21 - With such glad cheer : while now thy living ones In thee abide not without war ; and one Malicious gnaws another ; ay, of those Whom the same wall and the same moat contains. Seek, wretched one ! around thy sea-coasts wide ; Then homeward to thy bosom turn ; and mark, If any part of thee sweet peace enjoy.

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