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I found her writing to be funny, honest and witty. Martha Beck, daughter of a high ranking Mormon family left Utah to go to Harvard. When she returns home, a place she feels will be an easier and more ... Read full review

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I thoroughly enjoyed this book! My spiritual search brought me to be an atheist, so I often can't relate to her stories of feeling God & seeing The Light. I found her personally to be a little touch of crazy, which in the first few chapters kind of turned me off, but as I kept reading I realized why she was that way & suddenly I really loved & appreciated her for it. Especially because she seems to know this about herself.
Her writing style is articulate & easy to read, with great analogies & a marvelous sense of humor. The story itself is so twisted & dark that her humor really eases the emotional strain of the story & makes it more palatable for the reader. Still the book is an eye opening look into organized religion & how human nature takes something that is supposed to be healing & turns it into something dark.
If you are a staunch Mormon you will probably hate this book. Beck doesn't exactly paint a pretty picture of the LDS community. Although, I found her refreshingly open minded & in a lot of ways non judgmental. She tries very hard to look at things from an intellectual point of view rather than an emotional one. With that being said, she still makes the church sound more like an organized crime mob than a religious group. Even though I suspect most of what she says is true, anyone who is a firm believer in the church will be offended & invariably decide she is lying.
For everyone else, yes this book is great & well worth reading.

Review: Leaving the Saints: How I Lost the Mormons and Found My Faith

User Review  - Leeann - Goodreads

A few weeks ago, I checked out "The Book of Mormon" (the musical) from the library. Listening to it (great music but a couple of the songs I skip) sparked a great deal of interest in the tenets of the ... Read full review

Review: Leaving the Saints: How I Lost the Mormons and Found My Faith

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As I've said before, I love everything I've ever read about Martha Beck and all her self-help books. This read was particularly interesting to me due to all of the snippets of stories she's referenced ... Read full review

Review: Leaving the Saints: How I Lost the Mormons and Found My Faith

User Review  - Trudy - Goodreads

The author tells her journey to understand her past and find her spiritual self. Fascinating story. Read full review

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