Rudiments of Natural Philosophy and Astronomy: Designed for the Younger Classes in Academies, and for Common Schools

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S. Babcock, 1844 - Astronomy - 288 pages
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Page 212 - evidence of things not seen," in the fulness of Divine grace ; and was profound on this, the greatest concern of human life, while unable even to comprehend how the " inclination of the earth's axis to the plane of its orbit" could be the cause of the change of the seasons.
Page 180 - A line drawn from the centre to the circumference of a circle is called a radius, as CD, CB, or C K. Any part of the circumference of a circle is called an arc, as AB, or B D.
Page 84 - The two essential properties of matter, both of which are inseparable from it, are extension and impenetrability. Extension, in the three dimensions of length, breadth, and thickness, belongs to matter under all circumstances ; and impenetrability, or the property of excluding all other matter from the space which it occupies, appertains alike to the largest body and to the smallest particle, and to bodies under every form, solid, fluid, and aeriform.
Page 244 - They are so small as to be invisible to the naked eye, but are seen by telescopes of moderate power.
Page 225 - In any year, the number of eclipses of both luminaries cannot be less than two, nor more than seven. The most usual number is four, and it is very rare to have more than six.
Page 281 - ... suppose that we can enter into them to any but a very small degree. They doubtless go immeasurably beyond our mode of understanding or conceiving them. But to a certain extent we can go. We can go so far as to see that they are Ends and Purposes. It is not a vain presumption in us to suppose that we know that the eye was made for seeing and the ear for hearing.
Page 189 - The tropics are the parallels of latitude which pass through the solstices. The northern tropic is called the tropic of Cancer ; the southern, the tropic of Capricorn. The polar circles are the parallels of latitude that pass through the poles of the ecliptic, at the distance of twenty-three and a half degrees from the poles of the earth.
Page 171 - By means of this instrument, the eels in vinegar, which are usually so small as to be invisible to the naked eye...
Page 94 - ... of the same fluid, the pressure of the atmosphere is wholly removed from the upper surface of the mercury in the tube, while it continues to act on the mercury in the bason, and by its means on the lower surface of the column in the tube.
Page 4 - I have in my possession an amusing and well.executed engraving, representing a family scene, where a young urchin had cut open the bellows to find the wind. His little brother is looking over his shoulder with innocent and intense curiosity, while the angry mother stands behind with the uplifted rod, and a countenance which bespeaks the wo that impends over the young philosopher. A more judicious parent would have gently reproved the error ; a more enT -•'• ' lightened parent might have hailed...

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