Business Geography and the Development of American Industries

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P.W. Ziegler & Company, 1902 - Industries - 231 pages
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Page 173 - Northern grown spring wheat, sound, clean and of good milling quality, and must contain not less than 50 per cent, of the hard varieties of spring wheat, and weigh not less than 57 Ibs.
Page 130 - The following table gives the average dates of the last killing frost in the spring and the first in the fall, at various stations within the area and at Menomonee, Michigan.
Page 57 - Coal, in truth, stands not beside but entirely above all other commodities. It is the material energy of the country — the universal aid - the factor in everything we do. With coal almost any feat is possible or easy; -without it we are thrown back into the laborious poverty of early times.
Page 165 - The residence of the consumer is the decisive factor in the location of many industries. These are the so-called service-industries, such as shoe mending, barbering, etc., and all those industries that produce goods for the personal and individual inspection of the consumer — such as tailoring, millinery, dressmaking, photographing and newspapers. All industries, finally, which can be carried on as well in one place as in another, and in the value of whose products transportation cost does not...
Page 190 - lumpy jaw." or having any lump or swelling upon the head or neck, until the said animal has been inspected by the State veterinarian, or an assistant State veterinarian, and such inspection shall be made prior to the time when such animal is weighed, or if not weighed, then before it is delivered. Only such animals as the veterinarian shall pronounce free from the said disease shall be accepted and paid for by any members who may have purchased the same. SEC. 2. Members of this exchange having possession...
Page 188 - ... rules 9 and 16, which are particularly alleged to be in restraint of trade and commerce between the States, and intended to create a monopoly, in contravention of the laws of the United States in that behalf. Rule 9 provides as follows : " SECTION 1. Commissions charged by members of this association for selling live stock shall not be less than the following named rates.
Page 189 - Section 6. The commission for purchasing live stock shall not be less than the following named rates: Stocker and feeder, cattle, including calves...
Page 93 - In some individuals they are placed so close together that the distance between them is less than the diameter of the opening.
Page 223 - The prices should be the actual cost of the goods when bought with expenses of shipment added, with this exception — if goods are lower in price than when bought, the lowest price should be taken.
Page 130 - The crop requires six or seven months of favorable growing weather for its development. The next most important consideration is the amount and distribution of the heat and rainfall. Cotton is a plant which thrives in a very warm or even hot atmosphere, provided the atmosphere is moist and the transpiration is not so excessive as to overtax the poWers of the plant. The temperature should be high and the daily range uniform during the early growing period of the plant. The mean daily...

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