Editorial Review - Kirkus - Jane Doe

Two young Brits go backpacking in India, but only one comes back.With all the arrogance and lack of planning that makes life in your early 20s so messy, a pair of British girls who have been friends since very early childhood—Gemma and Esther—arrive in India for a backpacking trip, circa 1989. Esther's guilty, doomed narration makes it very clear that this trip will not end well for Gemma, and ... Read full review

Review: Losing Gemma

Editorial Review - - Kate Ayers

Losing a friend is very traumatic. We've all been through it. Worse yet is the loss of a best friend. But imagine how devastating it would be to lose your best friend while traveling in a foreign country. And then suppose that the trip was your idea. Picture yourself as Esther Waring, a footloose 20something British youth who believes herself worldwise, beautiful and intelligent. Your traveling ... Read full review

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