Storage of Water on Cache La Poudre and Big Thompson Rivers

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1903 - Big Thompson River (Colo.) - 100 pages
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Page 9 - SIR: I have the honor to transmit herewith and to recommend for publication as Bulletin No. 219 of the series of this Bureau the accompanying manuscript, entitled "American Medicinal Leaves and Herbs.
Page 69 - The owners or possessors of reservoirs shall not have the right to impound any water whatever in such reservoir during the time that such water is required in ditches for direct irrigation or for reservoirs holding senior rights.
Page 19 - Class of turn-over and year January February March April May June July August Septem ber October Novem ber Decem ber Areas Separations: Quits: 1942 2.36 1941 1.31 1.33 1.70 2.
Page 53 - The water coming to the reservoir will fill it at least four times each year, and is used by the farmers who constructed this system. The stock consists of 120 shares; par value, $90 per share; present value, $200 per share. Prior to 1897 every farm, without exception, under the Hillsboroug-h Canal below the reservoir that had been dependent upon the canal alone went to foreclosure, and could not be made to produce the owner's expense of maintenance. The best land, with water rights, could be bought...
Page 69 - Persons desirous to construct and maintain reservoirs, for the purpose of storing water, shall have the right to take from any of the natural streams of the state and store away any unappropriated water not needed for immediate use for domestic or irrigating purposes...
Page 8 - Ph. D., Assistant Director. IRRIGATION INVESTIGATIONS. ELWOOD MEAD, Chief. CT JOHNSTON, Assistant Chief in Charge of Central District. SAMUEL FORTIER, Irrigation Engineer in Charge of Pacific District. CG ELLIOTT, Agent and Expert in Charge of Drainage Investigations.
Page 71 - ... sacks per acre. From the Cache la Poudre Reservoir 6,500 acres of potatoes were irrigated. The average yield was 85 sacks per acre. A reservoir right this season irrigated on an average 10 acres of potatoes, and the use of one of these rights for this year rented for $90. If all the 375 rights had been rented at this rate, the total income from the reservoir would have been $33,750. Deducting $1,000 for operation, there remains $32,750 as a net income from a $105,000 investment, or 31 per cent,...
Page 71 - ... was available for orchard irrigation many of the trees under ditches having inferior appropriations died each year. Now they survive with little loss. From reservoirs of the Water Supply Storage Company 5,500 acres of potatoes were irrigated. The average yield was 90 sacks per acre. A single share in these reservoirs irrigated 11 acres of potatoes. Stored water was also used to irrigate the third crop of alfalfa. The best estimates give the total cost of the reservoirs of the Poudre Valley as...
Page 42 - The embankments are 40 feet wide on top and are built to an inside slope of 2^ to 1 and an outside slope of 2 to 1. The...

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