The general East India guide and vade-mecum, a digest of capt. Williamson's work [The East India vade-mecum] with improvements and additions

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Page 217 - They are ordered to open all the pustules with a sharp-pointed thorn, so soon as they begin to change their colour, and whilst the matter continues in a fluid state. Confinement to the house is absolutely...
Page 671 - Oriental Commerce; or the East India Trader's Complete Guide ; containing a Geographical and Nautical Description of the Maritime Parts of India, China, Japan and neighbouring countries, including the Eastern Islands, and the trading Stations on the Passage from...
Page 239 - Thus, several may be seen annually walking about without chattahs (ie unbrellas,) during the greatest heats, they affect to be ashamed of requiring aid, and endeavour to uphold by such a display of indifference, the great reliance placed on strength of constitution. This unhappy infatuation rarely exceeds a few days, at the end of that time, sometimes' only of a week (may I have known the period to be much shorter ) we too often are called upon to attend the funeral of the self-deluded victim.
Page 305 - In many instances, these evening visits are paid in a very airy manner : coats being often dispensed with ; the gentlemen wearing only an upper and an under waistcoat both of white linen, and the former having sleeves. Such would appear an extraordinary freedom, were...
Page 442 - Gour at the most reasonable calculation, it is not less than fifteen miles in length (extending along the old bank of the Ganges), and from two to three in breadth.
Page 597 - Jones for the instructioa of her son, she proposed to reject the severity of discipline, and to lead his mind, insensibly, to knowledge and exertion, by exciting his curiosity, and directing it to useful objects. To his incessant importunities for information, on casual topics of conversation, which she watchfully stimulated, she constantly replied, read, and you will know; a maxim, to the observance of which he always acknowledged himself indebted for his future attainments.
Page 216 - Bramins annually return, observe strictly the regimen enjoined, whether they determine to be inoculated or not; this preparation consists only in abstaining for a month from fish, milk, and ghee, (a kind of butter made generally of buffalo's milk;) the prohibition of fish respects only the native Portuguese and Mahomedans, who abound in every province of the empire. When the Bramins begin to inoculate, they pass from house to house and operate at the door, refusing to inoculate any who have not,...
Page 193 - Persons of the first rank, have their jooraubs, as also their dustannahs, or gloves, made of shawl. These are of the form used in England for children; having a receptacle for the thumb, but the fingers are all contained in the same bag, or cyst.
Page 585 - Hindoostanee department of the college, having compiled and arranged, in the Hindoostanee language, a work on the history and geography of India, has been encouraged by the college to print it for publication. The dissemination, by means of the press, of works composed by natives eminent for their knowledge and practical skill in this dialect, must gradually polish and fix a standard of excellence in a language, which, though long employed as an elegant medium of colloquial intercourse, and as the...
Page 217 - Early on the morning succeeding the operation, four collons (an earthen pot containing about two gallons) of cold water are ordered to be thrown over the patient, from the head downwards, and to be repeated every morning and evening until the fever comes on (which usually is about the close of the sixth day from the inoculation), then to desist until the appearance of the eruptions (which commonly happens at the...

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