The Brothers Karamazov

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Open Road Media, Apr 7, 2020 - Fiction - 1173 pages
The last and greatest work by the nineteenth-century Russian writer and philosopher: “The most magnificent novel ever written” (Sigmund Freud).

“[The Brothers Karamazov] is a philosophical novel, a family drama, a murder mystery, and a love story. It’s also an immortal masterpiece.

“The ferocious, idiosyncratic vitality of Dostoyevsky’s fiction captures readers again and again. So do his indelible characters.

“From the novel’s earliest scenes introducing the Karamazovs—the brothers and their drunken, obnoxious father—Dostoyevsky acknowledges that ideas can’t exist without people and that people are the true subject of any novel. Those scenes are both a searching debate about faith and virtue and a sequence that’s recognizable to anyone who has ever spent the holidays with [a] collection of family members ranging from the endearing to the intolerable. It is also, if you ignore Dostoyevsky’s reputation for seriousness, very funny... If Ivan’s existential confusion doesn’t speak to you, the Karamazovs’ complicated love lives, both sordid and transcendent, never fail to fascinate. Their problems, however grounded in their particular moment in Russian history, seem only a hair’s breadth away from our own. How powerful is love? Hate? Blood? Money? Faith? What makes this great novel immortal is not its answers but its questions, questions we continue to ask ourselves, decades after the world that forged The Brothers Karamazov has passed away.” —Laura Miller, Slate

“There is no writer who better demonstrates the contradictions and fluctuations of the creative mind than Dostoyevsky, and nowhere more astonishingly than in The Brothers Karamazov.” —Joyce Carol Oates

Selected pages


The Sufferings of a Soul the First Ordeal
The Second Ordeal
The Third Ordeal
The Prosecutor Catches Mitya
Mityas Great Secret Received with Hisses
The Evidence of the Witnesses the Babe
They Carry Mitya Away
Kolya Krassotkin

A Young Man Bent on a Career
The Scandalous Scene
In the Servants Quarters
The Confession of a Passionate HeartIn Anecdote
The Confession of a Passionate HeartHeels
Father Ferapont
At His Fathers
A Meeting with the Schoolboys
The Engagement
Smerdyakov with a Guitar
Father Zossima and His Visitors
The Duel
The Breath of Corruption
A Critical Moment
An Onion
Cana of Galilee
Kuzma Samsonov
In the Dark
A Sudden Resolution
I Am Coming Too
The First and Rightful Lover
The Preliminary Investigation Chapter I The Beginning of Perhotins Official Career
The Alarm
The Schoolboy
The Lost
By Ilushas Bedside
At Grushenkas
The Injured Foot
A Little Demon
A Hymn and a Secret
Not You Not You
The First Interview with Smerdyakov
The Second Visit to Smerdyakov
Part IV
The Devil Ivans Nightmare
It Was He Who Said That
A Judicial Error
The Fatal
Dangerous Witnesses
The Medical Experts and a Pound of Nuts
Fortune Smiles on Mitya
A Sudden Catastrophe
The Prosecutors Speech Sketches of Character
An Historical Survey
A Treatise on Smerdyakov
The Galloping Troika The End of the Prosecutors

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Fyodor Dostoyevsky (1821–1881) was a Russian novelist and philosopher whose works examined the human psyche of the nineteenth century. Dostoyevsky is considered one of the greatest writers in world literature, with titles such as Crime and Punishment; Notes from Underground, one of the first existential novellas ever written; and Poor Folk, Russia’s first “social novel.”

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