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Nash Khatri accomplishes his goal in his new book, Thinking Is Authorized!: The piece encourages contemplation of a number of spiritual and religious topics that challenge many
traditional beliefs. While this is a slim volume, the book requires a slow reading to fully digest the wide range of concepts Khatri presents.
The author warns the reader from the first chapter that many of his opinions about religion, God, prayer, nature, spirituality and other subjects go against the grain of what many people believe. When discussing religion, for example, Khatri acknowledges the positive impact that organized religion has on the behavior of followers. However, he suggests that adults practicing organized religion are child-like and those seeking spiritual development are operating on a mature, adult level: “The spiritually nourished are thinkers, as opposed to trusted followers of established belief systems (43).”
This is not an easy read in terms of the opinions the author offers. Khatri pulled from his personal life (two divorces and survival of a brain tumor) to develop his opposition to many beliefs about nature’s response to humans, God’s reaction to prayer, and the concept of purpose. The author uses anecdotes, charts and tables to illustrate his position.
While Khatri goes out of his way to assure the reader that he is not belittling long-held beliefs, he frequently suggests a dialogue that will push the reader to think beyond the boundaries of ancient tenets: “It is critical to recognize, based on personal observation and some exercise of imagination, that everything in the universe directly or indirectly affects everything else (26).” The text reads like a university lecture and sets the tone for the intellectual battle the title demands.
Thinking Is Authorized! is an intriguing book that encourages debate, reflection, and a search for answers to spiritual questions beyond the standard, familiar “non-answers”.
Melissa Levine
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