A Textbook on German ...: German-English lexicon. English-German lexicon

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International Textbook Company, 1908 - German language
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Page 15 - adj., awaked; smart, bright. [to excavate. aufgraben, v. ir. t., to dig up; aufgreifen, v. ir. t., to seize, to lay hold of.
Page 189 - adv., whence. Wohin', adv., whither, where. Wohl, adv., well; perhaps; indeed, wohlan', intj., well! come on! wohlauf, intj., well! cheer up! come on!
Page 45 - v. ir. t., to beat through, to strain; vi, to have effect; v. reft., to force one's way through.
Page 157 - adv., in accordance, conformably. übereinander, adv., one upon another, topsy turvy. übereinkommen, v. iri., to agree. Übereinkunft, /., agreement.
Page 11 - to put to, to yoke to; to stretch; to strain. an'fpielen, vi, to play first; to allude to.
Page 14 - to do one's best; to publish bans. ailfbinbcn, v. ir. /., to untie, to loosen; to impose upon one.
Page 188 - whirlpool; crown of the head; bone of the spinal column; peg or pin (in a musical instrument);
Page 198 - v. ir. t., to bang, to slam (a door), to shut by force; to adjudge. [to close.
Page 153 - more, nod), einmal; —for all, ein für aUemal. one, adj., ein; felbig; geroifj; pron., einer, eine,
Page 14 - ascension; driving up; approach. auffallen, v. ir. i., to fall upon; to appear remarkable; to strike.

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