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1898 - Geology
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Page 356 - State Geologist," Trenton, NJ CATALOGUE OF PUBLICATIONS. GEOLOGY OF NEW JERSEY. Newark, 1868, 8vo., xxiv + 899 pp. Out of print. PORTFOLIO OF MAPS accompanying the same, .as follows : 1. Azoic and paleozoic formations, including the iron-ore and limestone districts; colored. Scale, 2 miles to an inch. 2. Triassic formation, including the red sandstone and trap-rocks of Central New Jersey; colored. Scale, 2 miles to an inch. 3. Cretaceous formation, including the greensand-marl beds ; colored. Scale,...
Page 356 - Atlas 18% by 27 inches. The location and number of each map are given below. Those from 1 to 17 are on the scale of 1 mils to an inch.
Page 356 - REPORT ON THE CLAY DEPOSITS of Woodbridge, South Amboy and other places in New Jersey, together with their uses for fire-brick, pottery, &c.
Page xi - President of the Board of Managers of the Geological Survey: SIR — I have the honor to present herewith the Annual Report of the Geological Survey for 1896.
Page 308 - ... unhealthful conditions are increasing in amount from year to year. One disease has attracted considerable attention in recent years in many portions of this State, — malarial fever, — and portions of this valley have suffered from it, and severely, when the limited population is taken into account. One farm-house was found not far removed from the meadows, but lying many feet above their level, which, well built and well cared for, had failed to offer adequate protection against an influence...
Page 357 - THE ANNUAL REPORT of Prof. Geo. H. Cook, State Geologist, to His Excellency Joel Parker, President of the Board of Managers of the Geological Survey of New Jersey, for the year 1864.
Page 356 - Trenton, 1878, 8vo., viii+381 pp., with map. Out of print. A PRELIMINARY CATALOGUE of the Flora of New Jersey, compiled by NL Britton, Ph.D. New Brunswick, 1881, 8vo., xi+233 pp. Out of print. FINAL REPORT OF THE STATE GEOLOGIST. Vol.
Page 356 - Cretaceous formation, including the greensand-marl beds ; colored. Scale, 2 miles to an inch. 4. Tertiary and recent formations of Southern New Jersey ; colored. Scale, 2 miles to an inch. 5. Map of a group of iron mines in Morris county; printed in two colors. Scale, 3 inches to I mile.
Page 185 - ... Manasquan marl. If the reference of these beds to the Cretaceous is correct, it shows that the Terebratula harlani zone has a much greater vertical range in New Jersey than the shell bed at the summit of the Sewell marl, in this respect corresponding with the conditions in Maryland where, Clark says, "the Terebratula harlani is no longer limited to its former horizon at the top of the Sewell marls, but occurs frequently within and even at the top of the lime-sands.'
Page 357 - Trenton, 1876, 8vo., 56 pp., with maps. Out of print. ANNUAL REPORT of the State Geologist of New Jersey for 1877.

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