Pahlavi Texts, Volume 18

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Where a righteous soul stays for the first three nights after death and what it does next
Where a wicked soul stays for the first three nights after death and what it does next
The nature of heaven and its pleasures
The nature of hell and its punishments
Why ceremonies in honour of Srosh are performed for the three days after a death
Why Srosh must be reverenced separately from other angels
Why three sacred cakes are consecrated at dawn after the third night from a death
How a righteous soul goes to heaven and what it finds and does there
How a wicked soul goes to hell and what it finds and suffers there
The position and subdivisions of hell
The two ways from the Daitih peak that of the righteous to heaven and that of the wicked to hell
The preparers of the renovation of the universe
The contest of the good and evil spirits from the creation till the resurrection and the condition of creation after the resurrection
DAfllSTANi Dinik i
The effect of doing more good works than are necessary for attaining to the supreme heaven
Reasons for wearing the sacred threadgirdle
The sin of apostasy and how to atone for it 136
The good works of him who saves others from apostasy
The separate duties of priests and disciples
The advantage and proper mode of celebrating
Whether it be lawful to buy corn and keep it long so
Whether a man who bargains to deliver wheat in a month
Whose duty it is to order the ceremonies after a death
The merit and demerit of familyguardianship
The origin of Gay6marf Mashyiih and Mashyay6ih
The origin of nextofkin marriage
Regarding the cost of religious rites and whether a priests fees can be reduced when others will take less

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Page 110 - And if Satan rise up against himself, and be divided, he cannot stand, but hath an end.
Page 12 - Burke. Four Letters on the Proposals for Peace with the Regicide Directory of France. Edited, with Introduction and Notes, by EJ Payne, MA Extra fcap. 8vo. cloth, 5s.
Page 8 - Vol. III. The Sacred Books of China. The Texts of Confucianism.
Page 372 - Grant me, O Auharmas*/! heaven or the supreme heaven ! for I have slain the highwaymen2 who were so big in body that, when they were walking, people considered in this way, that ' below them are the stars and moon, and below them moves the sun at dawn, and the water of the sea reaches up to their knees.
Page 267 - That nature only is good when it shall not do unto another whatever is not good for its own self
Page 289 - That man delights them, O Spitama Zarathustra! who cleanses from the Nasu the man denied by the dead ; he delights the fire, he delights the water, he delights the earth, he delights the cow, he delights the trees, he delights the faithful, both men and women.
Page 30 - When the punishment of the three nights is undergone 2 the soul of the righteous attains to heaven and the best existence, and the soul of the wicked to hell and the worst existence. 8. When they have undergone their punishment at the renovation of the universe they attain, by complete purification from every sin, unto the everlasting progress, happy progress, and perfect progress of the best and undisturbed existence.
Page 45 - ... out inverted and point upwards, and they come unwillingly running; they shall not allow them to stay behind, or to make delay. 9. So much greater than the worldly similitude is that pleasantness and unpleasantness unto the souls, as such as is fit for the spirit is greater than that fit for the world. twenty-seven reeds mentioned in 3. As the reed appears to have been about 4 feet 8 inches (see Chap. XLIII...
Page 393 - The reference here to the marriage of father and daughter is too clear to admit of mistake, though the term Khvetuk-das is not mentioned. Next in age to the Pahlavi versions of the Avesta we ought perhaps to place the Book of An/a- Vlraf, because we are told (AV. I, 35), regarding Vlraf, that ' there are some who call him by the name of Nikhshahpur...
Page 381 - Righteousness is the best good, a blessing it is ; a blessing be to that which is righteousness to perfect rectitude' (Asha-vahirta the archangel).

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