Alsatian Shepalute's

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AuthorHouse, 2004 - History - 272 pages
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The ALSATIAN SHEPALUTE is an indispensable guide to this new and unique breed that was created solely for the purpose of a companion dog. Most breeds were bred for hunting or working and are hyperactive. Being a companion dog this dog is laid back. This breed was bred to never bark unless an intruder was around. Lacksidasical means this breed does not care to dig up your yard or run after cars. The Alsatian Shepalute was bred for his intelligence and the ability to read body language. This breed pays attention to what is going on around him and is easier to train than most breeds. "This new breed of dog shall resemble the old extinct giant wolves that use to roam throughout the North." With his yellow eyed stare he seems to look right through a stranger as if to say "Don't come any closer." The following is a list of the book contents: THE HISTORY OF THE BREED(c)THE MEANING OF THE WORD ALSATIAN(c)THE NORTHERN BREEDS(c)THE GERMAN SHEPHERD(c)THE ENGLISH MASTIFF(c)THE WOLVES(c)GENETICS OF THE DOG(c)BREEDING FOR INTELLIGENCE(c)THE LATEST NEW BREEDS OF DOGS(c)THE OFFICIAL STANDARDS OF THE BREED(c)THE ALSATIAN SHEPALUTE CLUB AND REGISTRY(c)DOG TRAINING TECHNIQUES(c)GENERAL HEALTH CARE(c)DOG

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