Oxoniana: Or Anecdotes Relative to the University and City of Oxford, Volume 3

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Slatter & Munday, 1806
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Page 220 - College, or some place near adjoining. Our business was (precluding matters of theology and state affairs) to discourse and consider of philosophical enquiries, and such as related thereunto ; as physick, anatomy, geometry, astronomy, navigation, staticks,
Page 220 - and natural experiments; with the state of these studies, as then cultivated at home and abroad. We there discoursed of the circulation of the blood, the valves in the •veins, the venae lactese, the
Page 222 - brought those studies into fashion there; meeting first at Dr. Petty's lodgings, (in an apothecary's house) because of the convenience of inspecting drugs, and the like, as there was occasion ; and after his remove to Ireland (though not so constantly) at the lodgings of Dr. Wilkins, then. Warden of
Page 208 - (if so much) which was then but little; and but very few, in that whole University. For the study of mathematicks was at that time more cultivated in London than in the Universities. At this time also I learned the rudiments of musick, and of the French tongue. About Christmass,
Page 229 - there were many worthy persons engaged on either side. And willing whatever side was upmost, to promote (as I was able) any good design for the true interest of religion, of learning, and the public good; and ready to do good offices, as there was opportunity ; and, if things could not be just as
Page 207 - first insight into mathematicks; and all the teaching I had. This suiting my humor so well; I did thenceforth prosecute it, at school and in the University, not as a formal study, but as a pleasing diversion, at spare hours; as books of arithmetick, or others mathematical fell occasionally in my way.
Page 9 - of Bodley. AW laboured several weeks with Mr. Thomas Barlow and others, in sorting them, carrying them up stairs and placing them. In opening some of the books they found several pair of spectacles, which Mr. Selden had put in, and forgotten to take out, and Mr. Thomas Barlow gave AW a pair, which he kept in memorie of
Page 222 - removed to Oxford (first Dr. Wilkins,. then I, and soon after Dr. Goddard) our company divided. Those in London continued to meet there as before (and we with them, when we had
Page 224 - the same organ, is very subtile) so that, by such organs, in such positions, the breath issuing from the lungs, will form such sounds, whether the person do or do not hear himself speak. Which was, I think, a new attempt, not before undertaken by any (that I knew of) before that time. For
Page 219 - treat and discourse of such affairs. Of which number were Dr. John Wilkins, (afterward Bishop of Chester) Dr. Jonathan Goddard, Dr. George Ent, Dr. Glisson, Dr. Merret (Drs. in Physick) Mr. Samuel

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