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Page 77 - Prose Tales: The Captain's Daughter — Doubrovsky — The Queen of Spades — An Amateur Peasant Girl— The Shot — The Snow Storm — The Postmaster — The Coffin Maker — Kirdjali — The Egyptian NightsPeter the Great's Negro. Translated by T. Keane.
Page 182 - Odhar] and Scotch superstitions. — London society. — Dinners and diners. — Conversation. — The revolt of the daughters. — The woman of to-day. — Extravagance in dress. — The crinoline. — Helping the fallen. — Saving the innocent. — Technical education for women. — The homes of the poor. — The Salvation Army. — The domestic servant. — The creed of the poor. Tearle, Christian, (pseud, of ET Jaques). 914.2 T26p The pilgrim from Chicago; more rambles with an American. 1913....
Page 154 - EVOLUTIONIST. 12mo, gilt top, $2.00. CONTENTS : Europe before the Arrival of Man; The Arrival of Man in Europe; Our Aryan Forefathers; What we learn from Old Aryan Words; Was there a Primeval Mother-Tongue ? Sociology and Hero-Worship; Heroes of Industry; The Causes of Persecution ; The Origins of Protestantism; The True Lesson of Protestantism ; Evolution and Religion; The Meaning of Infancy; A Universe of Mind-Stuff; In Memoriam: Charles Darwin. Among our thoughtful essayists there are none more...
Page 154 - The To-morrow of Death ; The Jesus of History; The Christ of Dogma; A Word about Miracles; Draper on Science and Religion; Nathan the Wise; Historical Difficulties ; The Famine of 1770 in Bengal; Spain and the Netherlands; Longfellow's Dante ; Paine's St. Peter ; A Philosophy of Art ; Athenian and American Life.
Page 252 - Contents: The lady, or the tiger? The transferred ghost; The spectral mortgage; Our archery club; That same old 'coon; His wife's deceased sister; Our story; Mr.
Page 127 - A taste of Maine birch. — Winter neighbors. — A salt breeze. — A spring relish. — A river view. — Bird enemies. — Phases of farm life.
Page 165 - A piece of possible history. — The South American editor. — The old and the new, face to face.— The dot and line alphabet.— The last voyage of the Resolute. — My double and how he undid me.
Page 174 - Saxe Holm's Stories. FIRST SERIES.— Draxy Miller's Dowry— The Elder's Wife— Whose Wife Was She?— The One-Legged Dancers— How One Woman Kept Her Husband — Esther Wynn's Love Letters.
Page 196 - Leigh Hunt. — Lord Holland. — Warren Hastings. — Frederic the great. — Madame D'Arblay, — Life and writings of Addison.— The earl of Chatham.
Page 127 - CONTENTS: Among the wild-flowers. — Heart of the southern Catskills.— Birds' eggs.— Bird courtship.— Notes from the prairie.— Eye-beams.— Young marsh hawk. — The chipmunk.— Spring jottings. — Glimpses of wild life.— Life of fear. — Lovers of nature.— Taste of Kentucky blue grass.— In Mammoth cave.— Hasty observation. — Bird life in an old apple tree.— Ways of sportsmen.

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