The World Displayed, Or, A Collection of Voyages and Travels, Volume 3

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J. Christie, 1815 - Voyages and travels
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Page 71 - employed himself in reading, singing psalms and praying; so that he said he was a better Christian, while in his solitude, than ever he was before, or than he was afraid he should ever be again. At first he never eat any thing till
Page 72 - tamed some kids, and, to divert himself, would now and then sing and dance with them and his cats; so that by the favour of Providence, and the vigour of youth, being now only thirty years
Page 68 - at Largo, in the county of Fife, in Scotland, and was bred a sailor from his youth. The reason of his being left there was, a difference between him and his captain, which, together with the
Page 338 - so artfully combined, and so judiciously adapted to the slopes of the hills and the inequalities of the ground, as to produce a most striking effect, and to do honour to the invention of the contriver. Thus were they providentially brought to this delightful
Page 408 - might pursue them to the very last, Mr. Anson learnt, on his arrival, that there was a French fleet of considerable force cruising in the chops of the channel; which, by the account of their position, he found the Centurion had ran through, and had been all the time concealed by a fog. Thus
Page 402 - conquered about an age since by a handful of Tartars; and even now, by the cowardice of the inhabitants, and the want of proper military regulations, it continues exposed not only to the attempts of any potent state, but to the ravages of every petty invader. It has been already
Page 242 - eyed a large cascade of the most transparent water, which poured itself from a rock near one hundred feet high into the sea, at a small distance from the ship.
Page 407 - known world, for the refreshment of seamen after long voyages. Here the commodore continued till the beginning of April, highly delighted with the place, which, by its extraordinary accommodations, the healthiness of its air, and the picturesque appearance of the country, all enlivened by the addition of a civilized colony, was not disgraced
Page 71 - He had with him his clothes and bedding, with a firelock, some powder, bullets and tobacco, a hatchet, a knife, a kettle, a bible, some practical
Page 242 - the desire and agitation which the ideas alone of springs and brooks have at that time raised in them, can judge of the emotion with which they eyed a large cascade of the most

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