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I have not read this book, but in researching the folklore of Bulgarian folk songs, I was surprised and delighted to find that this book provided the translation of the haunting Bulgarian song- Mari Maro- that I had only recently heard via YouTube. Having heard the song, I then went looking for information on Bulgarian folk songs in general and Mari Maro in particular. On page 214, the subject book has the actual lyrics of the song in Bulgarian and English. The book outlines the background of the song which is about the rape and kidnaping of a young girl at the hands of invading Muslims.
The most beautiful rendition of the song is by the Bulgarian group "Irfan" (check out the youtube at:, or type in Irfan Mari Maro into google).
Watching the video of the Irfan female vocalist Vladislava, I was able, with the book’s aid, to follow the vocalist as she sings the lament. The band’s use of original instruments of the period makes for some beautiful listening. The book’s translation, brings the folk story alive.
I plan to purchase the book for the history given the current threat from radical Islam that the west is facing. Forewarned in forearmed.

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