Aarbøger for nordisk oldkyndighet og historie

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Page 78 - I must acknowledge it seems a little unaccountable, how these Finn-Men should come on this coast, but they must probably be driven by Storms from home, and cannot tell when they are any way at Sea, how to make their way home again...
Page 48 - Bactrum flumen quod in Oxum influat, et ex eo per Caspium in Cyrum subvectos, et v non amplius dierum terreno itinere ad Phasim in Pontum Indicas posse devehi merces.
Page 79 - Westra, a gentleman with many others in the Isle looking on him nigh to the shore, but when any endeavour to apprehend them they flee away most swiftly ; Which is very strange, that one man sitting in his little Boat, should come some hundred of Leagues, from their own Coasts, as they reckon Finland to be from Orkney...
Page 62 - Portugales to have found a Sea beyond the Cape of Buona Esperanza, and so consequently a passage by Sea into the East Indies ; or for the Italians and Spaniards to have discovered unknowen landes so many hundred leagues Westward and Southwestward of the streits of Gibraltar, & of the pillers of Hercules...
Page 78 - Isle flocked to see him, and when they adventured to put out a Boat with men to see if they could apprehend him, he presently fled away most swiftly : And in the year 1684, another was seen from Westra, and for a while after they got few or no Fishes ; for they have this Remark here, that these Finnmen drive away the fishes from the place to which they come.
Page 14 - ... 9. Omnes qui infra murum Sancti Audomari habitant et deinceps sunt habitaturi. liberos a cavagio, hoc est a capitali censu, et de advocationibus constitue.
Page 23 - ... 3. Si quis de jure christianitatis ab aliquo interpellatus fuerit, de villa Sancti Audomari alias, pro justitia exequenda, non exeat ; sed in eadem villa, coram episcopo vel ejus archidiacono, vel...
Page 4 - Ex eo portu naves emitti solent in Sclavaniam vel in Suediam vel ad Semlant usąue in Oraeciam". Obszerny opis Bałtyku wymienia obok zamieszkujących jego wybrzeża ludów: Danów, Szwedów, Słowian, Estów i plemion fińskich również „terram Feminarum...
Page 46 - Galliarum circuitu totus hodie navigatur occidens. Septentrionalis vero oceanus maiore ex parte navigatus est, auspiciis Divi Augusti Germaniam classe circumvecta ad Cimbrorum promunturium et inde inmenso mari prospecto aut fama cognito Scythicam ad plagam et umore nimio rigentia.
Page 21 - Lo, et in paludibus et pratis et in Bruera et in Hongrecoltra, usibus eorum, excepta terra Lazarorum, concedo, sicut fuit tempore Roberti comitis Barbati

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