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Page 2 - QUANTITY. Syllables are, in quantity or length, either long, short, or common (ie sometimes long and sometimes short). 1. A syllable is long in quantity : 1) When it contains a diphthong, as the first syllable of ccedo. 2) When its vowel is followed by j, x, z, or any two consonants, except a mute followed by a liquid; as the second syllables of erexit and magister. 2. A syllable is short, when its vowel is followed by another vowel, or a diphthong, as the second syllable of indies. HEM.
Page 21 - The Latin, like the English, has three persons and two numbers. The first person denotes the speaker ; the second, the person spoken to ; the third, the person spoken of. The singular number denotes one, the plural more than one. III. CASES.

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