Calvert County, Volume 1

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Johns Hopkins Press, 1907 - Calvert County (Md.) - 227 pages
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Page 102 - Wicornico formations. Areal Distribution. The Talbot formation is developed as a fringe about the margin of the Wicomico and occupies the lowest level of the three terraces. In the valley of the Patuxent River, as well in the depressions of its principal tributaries, the Talbot formation is found well developed, but on the Bay shore it seems to have suffered considerably from erosion and is absent along much of the coast line. It may be seen, however, near Chesapeake Beach, Dares Wharf, Cove Point,...
Page 40 - HH Geological Essays; or an Inquiry into some of the Geological Phenomena to be found in various parts of America and elsewhere.
Page 26 - But finding this Easterne shore, shallow broken Isles, and for the most part without fresh water, we passed by the straits of Limbo [Hooper or Kedge Straits.] for the Westernc shore; so broad is the bay here, we could scarce perceiue the great high clifts on the other side: by them we Anchored that night and called them Riccards Cliftes [Calvert Cliffs].
Page 49 - ... ABBE, CLEVELAND, JR. A General Report on the Physiography of Maryland. Md. Weather Service, vol. i, 1899, pp. 41-216, plates i-xix. CLARK, WILLIAM BULLOCK. The Relations of Maryland Topography, Climate and Geology to Highway Construction. Md. Geol. Surv., vol.
Page 39 - MACLURE, WM. Observations on the Geology of the United States of America, with some remarks on the probable effect that may be produced by the decomposition of the different classes of Rocks on the nature and fertility of Soils.
Page 152 - ... stream. This is due to the diminished strength of stream currents near their mouths and the consequent diminution of the size of the particles transported. In the northwestern part of the county and, in general, north of the latitude of Huntingtown the sands of...
Page 156 - It produces some of the best corn crops raised in the county and produces fair wheat yields. It is also cultivated in tobacco with good results. In other regions than Calvert County this soil supports excellent pear orchards and furnishes good crops of tomatoes and asparagus. The following analyses give an indication of the texture of the Sassafras loam. The percentage of clay in this soil is less than that in either the Norfolk or Leonardtown loam. • MECHANICAL ANALYSES OF SASSAPRAS LOAM.
Page 48 - Discusses the interpretation of the sedimentary and faunal records. 911 - -Historical sketch embracing an account of the progress of investigation concerning the physical features and natural resources of Maryland. Md. Geol. Surv., vol. i, pp. 43-138, pis. ii-v, 1897. 912 Outline of present knowledge of the physical features of Maryland, embracing an account of the physiography, geology, and mineral resources.
Page 147 - The uniformly yellow appearance of the surface soil indicates a lack of organic matter, which should be supplied in the form of stable manures, and by plowing under green crops like crimson clover and cowpeas. Such a treatment would not only increase the actual supply of plant food but would also improve the texture of the soil. Unless it is absolutely necessary that tobacco should be raised upon areas of this type, the application of lime should be tried in connection with stable manures and green...
Page 137 - All geologic formations of sedimentary origin are divided and subdivided into various groupings according to their age, as determined by the character of the fossil organisms entombed in them, and according to the sequence of the formations. Thus the grand divisions of Archaean, Algonkian, Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic are sub-divided again and again.

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