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DELIRIUM begins Lauren Oliver's worthy dystopian trilogy about a muchchanged world where personal choice is forbidden and love is a crime. Everyone in this civilization will eventually receive the cure for the disease "amor deliria nervosa," and suspects displaying early symptoms will be arrested and face immediate surgery. Lena Haloway is among the droves of sensible, average 17yearolds who ... Read full review

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One of the best series I have ever read. A captivating story... awaits you... always wondering what will happen next. Read the book Delirium and the rest of the series by Lauren Oliver.

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I personally think that this book is fantastic. The story is intriguing, and I finished it in 2 days. It takes you on a whole tidal wave of emotions, and even at night I couldn't sleep because I couldn't stop thinking about it. The whole idea of it, it fascinates me and words cannot describe how much I love the book.
This can easily be one of my favorite books.
Sure, it touches more on infatuation and lust, but doesn't infatuation and lust grow to love over time, if both parties are willing to work for it? This book was great for me, and there are no words to explain how much it intrigued me and impacted me. The minute I picked up this book, I couldn't stop reading it and had to tear myself away from it. The summary, even the question that it throws at you, its something different, and it is really something to think about. Would you rather stick a painless routine, with your whole life decided for you, or would you experience the pain and the heartache that comes with the joy of feeling? The people in Portland, they're so afraid. Their city is built solely on lies and fear, its completely ridiculous. But nevertheless, I understand how it is for them. Even saying it out loud, a cure for pain, it sounds very appealing. However what the people in Portland don't know is the joy and happiness that comes with it, the mad euphoria that drives you insane but yet makes you so happy you wonder how feeling so many things at the same time is possible.
Absolutely fantastic.

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