The Life and Times of Aaron Burr ...

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Houghton, Mifflin, 1888 - New York (State)
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Page 148 - overwhelmed by the mastering spirit and genius of another — this man, thus ruined and undone, and made to play a subordinate part in this grand drama of guilt and treason, this man is to be called the principal offender, while he by whom he was thus plunged in misery is comparatively innocent, a mere accessory!
Page 321 - tis He alone Decidedly can try us, He knows each chord its various tone, Each spring its various bias : Then at the balance let's be mute, We never can adjust it ; What's done we partly may compute, But know not what's resisted.
Page 147 - Greater objects have taken possession of his soul — his imagination has been dazzled by visions of diadems, and stars and garters and titles of nobility: he has been taught to burn with restless emulation at the names of Cromwell, Caesar and Bonaparte.
Page 147 - Introduced to their civilities by the high rank which he had lately held in his country, he soon finds his way to their hearts, by the dignity and elegance of his demeanor, the light and beauty of his conversation, and the seductive and fascinating power of his address.
Page 147 - By degrees, he infuses into it the poison of his own ambition. He breathes into it the fire of his own courage...
Page 186 - Often, after reflecting on this subject, you appear to me so superior, so elevated above all other men ; I contemplate you with such a strange mixture of humility, admiration, reverence, love, and pride, that very little superstition would be necessary to make me worship you as a superior being ; such enthusiasm does your character excite in me. When I...
Page 148 - ... heart nor the human understanding will bear a perversion so monstrous and absurd! so shocking to the soul! so revolting to reason ! Let Aaron Burr then not shrink from the high destination which he has courted, and having already ruined Blannerhassett in fortune, character and happiness forever, let him not attempt to finish the tragedy by thrusting that illfated man between himself and punishment.
Page 145 - Who Aaron Burr is, we have seen in part already. I will add, that beginning his operations in New York, he associates with him men whose wealth is to supply the necessary funds. Possessed of the mainspring, his personal labor contrives all the machinery. Pervading the continent from New York to New Orleans, he draws into his plan, by every allurement which he can contrive, men of all ranks and descriptions.
Page 154 - That this court dares not usurp power is most true. That this court dares not shrink from its duty is not less true. No man is desirous of placing himself in a disagreeable situation. No man is desirous of becoming the peculiar subject of calumny. No man, might he let the bitter cup pass from him without self-reproach, would drain it to the bottom. But if he...
Page 145 - Blannerhassett was the principal, and Burr but an accessory ? Who will believe that Burr, the author and projector of the plot, who raised the forces, who enlisted the men and who procured the funds for carrying it into execution, was made a cat's paw of?

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