The travels and surprising adventures of baron Munchausen [by R.E. Raspe and others]. Illustr. by Alfred Crowquill

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Page 22 - ... an eagerness not to be satisfied, but natural enough ; for when I looked round for my men, what should I see, gentlemen ! the hind part of the poor creature — croup and legs were missing, as if he had been cut in two, and the water ran out as it came in, without refreshing or doing him any good ! How it could have happened was quite a mystery to me, till I returned with him to the town-gate.
Page 20 - ... there to repeat his lessons in a pretty style of miniature which was exceedingly pleasing to the ladies, for he performed them amazingly well, and did not break either cup or saucer. It placed me so high in their opinion, and so well in that of the noble lord, that, with his usual politeness, he begged I would accept of this young horse, and ride him full career to conquest and honor in the campaign against the Turks, which was soon to be opened, under the command of Count Munich.
Page 14 - DARE say you have heard of the hunter and sportsman's saint and protector, St. Hubert, and of the noble stag, which appeared to him in the forest, with the holy cross between his antlers. I have paid my homage to that saint every year in good fellowship, and seen this stag a thousand times either painted in churches, or embroidered in the stars of his knights ; so that, upon the honor and conscience of a good sportsman, I hardly know whether there may not have been formerly, or whether there are...
Page 6 - SET off from Rome on a journey to Russia, in the midst of winter, from a just notion that frost and snow must of course mend the roads, which every traveller had described as uncommonly bad through the northern parts of Germany, Poland, Courland, and Livonia. I went on horseback, as the most convenient manner of travelling ; I was but lightly clothed, and of this I felt the inconvenience the more I advanced north-east.
Page 28 - Dale — with many other favorite tunes ; at length the thawing entertainment concluded, as I shall this short account of my Russian travels. [Some travellers are apt to advance more than is perhaps strictly true ; if any of the company entertain a doubt of my veracity, I shall only say to such, I pity their want of faith, and must request they will take leave before I begin the second part of my adventures, which are as strictly founded in fact as those I have already related.] TRAVELS or BARON...
Page 5 - I heard a violent but unusual noise, different from any sound that had ever before assailed my ears ; nor is it at all to be wondered at, when I inform you from whence it proceeded. After listening for some time, I ventured to raise my head and look round, when, to my unspeakable joy, I perceived the lion had, by the eagerness with which he sprung at me, jumped forward, as I fell, into the crocodile's mouth ! which, as before observed, was wide open.
Page 43 - Popish priest, and at about one o'clock in the morning stole out of the garrison, passed the enemy's lines, and arrived in the middle of their camp, where I entered the tent in which the Prince d'Artois was, with the commander-in-chief, and several other officers, in deep council, concerting a plan to storm the garrison next morning. My disguise was my protection ; they suffered me to continue there, hearing everything that passed, till they went to their several beds. When I found the whole camp,...
Page 40 - I immediately, by his permission, ordered a forty-eight pounder to be brought from a neighbouring battery, which I placed with so much exactness (having long studied the art of gunnery) that I was sure of my mark. I continued watching the enemy till I saw the match placed at the touch-hole of their piece ; at that very instant I gave the signal for our gun to be fired also. About midway between the two pieces of cannon the balls struck each other with amazing force, and the effect was astonishing!...
Page 92 - I resolved to drop a stone down and listen to the echo: having found one that answered my purpose, I placed myself over the hole, with one foot on each side, and stooping down to listen, I dropped the stone, which I had no sooner done than I heard a rustling below, and suddenly a monstrous eagle put up its head right opposite my face, and rising up with irresistible force, carried me away seated on its shoulders : I instantly grasped it...
Page 10 - I shall confine myself rather to the greater and nobler objects of your attention, horses and dogs, my favourites in the brute creation ; also to foxes, wolves, and bears, with which, and game in general, Russia abounds more than any other part of the world; and to such sports, manly exercises, and feats of gallantry and activity, as show the gentleman better than musty Greek or Latin, or all the perfume, finery, and capers of French wits, or petit-maitres.

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