Inside America's CIA: The Central Intelligence Agency

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Rosen Publishing Group, 2003 - Juvenile Nonfiction - 63 pages
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The Rosen Publishing Group To Fascinate and Motivate Invaluable Titles for Grades 7-12 For more than fifty years, The Rosen Publishing Group has earned a reputation for publishing books that empower and enlighten young adults. You've come to expect the same high-quality, informative series from Rosen. We know you'll agree that our newest series will continue to be invaluable resources that will provide up-to-date information on intriguing and fascinating topics written just for today's teens. Rosen Young Adult Books is publishing six new series this season: Inside the World's Most Famous Intelligence Agencies (pp. 86-87) examines the world's most important intelligence operations, the people within these organizations, and how world changes affect intelligence-gathering around the world. Inside the World's Most Infamous Terrorist Organizations (pp. 88-89) includes eight titles that take us inside the secret world of the mysterious and most dangerous terrorist organizations around the globe. This dramatic series gives an overview of the groups' histories aims as well as an analysis of the groups' motives, beliefs, and grievances. This is information, given the events of the past few years, no one should be without Terrorist Attacks (pp. 90-91) includes twelve titles detailing some of the most horrifying terrorism our world has ever seen. The books include information on each attack, the post-attack investigations, and their impact on world history. Historical Atlases of South Asia, Central Asia, and the Middle East (pp. 96-97) uses maps of these fascinating countries ranging from ancient maps to those of the modern world. Each title explores pivotal historical moments and dramaticchanges in the countries covered. The Library of Future Energy (pp. 110-111) gives the reader an inside look at how--with research--we can create healthy, sustainable energy for our future. Each title focuses on one of today's energy sources and the different ideas the government and industry have come up with to turn these into energy for the future. From waterpower to nuclear power, the information in this series will amaze us all. The Library of Future Medicine (pp. 112-113) highlights current and future trends in advancing medical technology. From bionic prosthetics and the human genome project, to the controversy of stem cell research, this is a series that will fascinate readers Unbiased Examinations of Six of the World's Intelligence Agencies, with Profiles of Their Famous Members The six books in this exciting new series examine the most important operations and people within the world's most famous intelligence agencies. These organizations are designed to protect their governments and people from threats--real and perceived--that emanate outside their borders. Intelligence agencies also work to uncover countries that seek out industrial secrets to help them compete in the world economy. These books describe how the changes in politics, industry, and technology have affected the size and evolution of intelligence-gathering around the world. Since World War I, French military leaders have had an unfortunate tradition of using good intelligence information poorly. As a result, France has lost pivotal battles, colonies, and its high standing on the world stage. But when former French president Franois Mitterand learned about the Iraqi buildup of weapons in the Persian Gulf froman American admiral, France finally realized how weak its intelligence operations had become. By 1998, France had put itself back in the intelligence game with a state-of-the-art global spy system, dubbed Frenchelon, that provided it with vital military and civilian information.

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