An American Banking System, from "National Issues of 1916,"

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Bankers publishing Company, 1916 - Banks and banking - 255 pages
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Page 165 - Every, loan which a bank makes, is, in its first shape, a credit given to the borrower on its books, the amount of which it stands ready to pay, either in its own notes, or in gold or silver, at his option.
Page 232 - That for the purposes hereinbefore set forth the Secretary of Agriculture shall cause to be made by inspectors appointed for that purpose an examination and inspection of all meat food products prepared for interstate or foreign commerce in any slaughtering, meat-canning, salting, packing, rendering, or similar establishment...
Page 232 - APPROVED JUNE 30, 1906. That for the purpose of preventing the use in interstate or foreign commerce, as hereinafter provided, of meat and meat food products which are unsound, unhealthful, unwholesome, or otherwise unfit for human food, the Secretary of Agriculture, at his discretion, may cause to be made, by inspectors appointed for that purpose, an examination and inspection of all cattle, sheep, swine, and goats before they shall be allowed to enter into any slaughtering, packing, meat-canning,...
Page 160 - The issuers of paper money should regulate their issues solely by the price of bullion, and never by the quantity of their paper in circulation. The quantity can never be too great nor too little, while it preserves the same value as the standard.
Page 232 - March 3, 1905 (USC, title 21, sees. 123-128), to enable the Secretary of Agriculture to establish and maintain quarantine districts, to permit and regulate the movement of cattle and other livestock therefrom, and for other purposes; and for carrying out the provisions of the act of June 29, 1906 (USC, title 45, sees.
Page 167 - It is dangerous to assert a negative and I shall not do it, but I have been unable to discover that any Virginia bank ever failed prior to the Civil War; or that any man ever lost a dollar by a Virginia bank note prior to that event.
Page 169 - Can he be ignorant that the real offence of the bank is not that it has intermeddled in politics, but because it would not intermeddle on the side of power? There is nothing more dignified than reproof from the lips of innocence, or punishment from the hands of justice ; but change the picture — let the guilty reprove and the criminal punish, and what more odious, more hateful, can be presented to the imagination...
Page 169 - ... political managers of the administration ? Can he be ignorant that the whole power of the Government has been perverted into a great political machine, with a view of corrupting and controlling the country...
Page 161 - Revolution of 1688 and the establishment of the Bank of Scotland, that country, partly owing to such a series of disasters as cannot be paralleled in the history of any other...

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