A Bibliographical and Critical Account of the Rarest Books in the English Language: Fairfax-Mythomystes

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D. G. Francis, 1866 - Early printed books
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Page 246 - LODGE, THOMAS. — Rosalynde. Euphues golden legacie : found after his death in his Cell at Silexedra. Bequeathed to Philautus sonnes noursed up with their father in England. Fetcht from the Canaries. By T. L. Gent . — London, Imprinted by Thomas Orwin for TG
Page 69 - for the love of his lady, encountering many a terrible monster, made of broune paper, and at his retorne is so wonderfully changed that he can not be knowne but by some posie in his tablet, or by a broken ring, or a handkircher, or a piece of a cockle shell: what learne you by that?
Page 226 - ROBERT. — A Letter: Whearin part of the entertainment untoo the Queenz Majesty at Killingwoorth Castl, in Warwik Sheer in this Soomerz Progress. 1575. iz signified: from a freend officer attendant in the Coourt, unto hiz freend a Citizen, and Merchaunt of London. De Regina nostra
Page 51 - GASCOIGNE, GEORGE. — The Whole woorkes of George Gascoigne Esquyre : Newlye compyled into one Volume, that is to say: His Flowers, Hearbes, Weedes, the Fruites of warre, the Comedie called Supposes, the Tragedie of Jocasta, the Steele glasse, the Complaint of Phylomene, the Stone of Ferdinando
Page 212 - KIRKMAN, FRANCIS. — The Honour of Chivalry: or the famous and delectable History of Don Bellianis of Greece. Continuing as well the valiant Exploits of that magnanimous and heroick Prince &c. as also the Wars between him and the Souldan of Persia. The second Part. Illustrated with Pictures. Now newly written in English by FK &c. — London Printed by Tho.
Page 30 - Flodden Field in Nine Fits, being an exact History of that Famous memorable Battle fought between English and Scots on Flodden-Hill in the Time of Henry the Eighth, Anno 1513. Worthy the Perusal of the English Nobility. — London Printed by PL for HBWP and SH and are to be sold in Ivy Lane and
Page 129 - (briefly dedicated in verse to Prince Charles), and to them is prefixed an " argument," in which the author enumerates many of the subjects of his pen : — "I sing of brooks, of blossomes, birds and bowers, Of April, May, of June and July-flowers; 1 sing of May-poles, Hock-carts, wassails,
Page 348 - of rare Fortunes, Heroicall presidents of Love, wonder of Chivalrie, and the most accomplished Knight in all perfection &c. Written in Spanish Italian and French : and from them turned into English by AM &c. — London, Printed for B. Alsop and T. Fawcet &c. 1637. BL 4to. 399
Page 287 - Imprinted at London by IC for Henry Car dwelling in the Olde Chaunge, at the signe of the Cat and the fidle, and are to be solde at his shop in Paules Churchyard at the signe of the Blazing starre.
Page 90 - was, his legs were small, Hosd within a stock of red; A buttond bonnet on his head, From under which did hang, I weene, Silver haires both bright and sheene. His beard was white, trimmed round, His countnance blithe and merry found. A sleevelesse jacket large and wide, With many