Journal of the County Kildare Archaeological Society, Volume 5

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E. Ponsonby., 1908 - Archaeology
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Page 117 - May 16. EDWARD HULL. Bacteria on an Ancient Bronze Implement. MR. NICHOLSON probably refers to what is known to archaeologists as "bronze cancroid." In the last number of the Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, March 31, this subject is referred to under the name of " Ulcerative Disease of Bronze or ' Bronze Cancroid,'
Page 382 - Irish, after plundering and burning many churches, — died before the end of a year after this plundering, of an insufferable and unknown disease ; for he became putrid while living, through...
Page 452 - The wren, the wren, The king of all birds, On St. Stephen's Day • Was caught in the furze.
Page 382 - ... putrid while living, through the miracle of God, Colum-cille, and Finnen, and the other saints of Ireland, whose churches he had profaned and burned some time before; and he died at Fearnamor, without [making] a will, without penance, without the body of Christ, without unction, as his evil deeds deserved.
Page 447 - And many lands were granted to churches and clergymen by kings and chieftains. And the men of Ireland were saved for that time from the fire of vengeance.
Page 143 - Imayn was nothing inferior to the first day. And she was the only woman that has made most of preparing highways and erecting bridges, churches, and Mass-books, and of all manner of things profitable to serve God and her Soule, and not that only, but while the World stands her very many gifts to the Irish and Scottish nations shall never be numbered.
Page 143 - ... outward side, to the end that all things might be done orderly, and each one served successively. And first of all she gave two chalices of gold as offerings that day on the altar to God Almighty, and she also caused to nurse or foster two young orphans. But so it was we never saw, nor heard neither the like of that day, nor comparable to its glory and solace. And she gave the second inviting proclamation (to every...
Page 55 - Oh! how exults the leader's soul! He grasps it — reads : " Now, by St. George, the day at last is ours! Before to-morrow's sun arise we hold yon haughty towers! The craven traitor! — but, 'tis well! — he shall receive his hire, And somewhat more to boot, God wot, than perchance he may desire! " Alas! — alas! — 'tis all too true! A thousand marks of gold In Parez' hands, and Leinster's bands are basely bought and sold!
Page 416 - MARY LEADBEATER ! — Yes, indeed, I do well remember you ! Not Leadbeater then, but a pretty demure lass, standing a timid auditor while her own verses were read by a kind friend, but a keen judge. And I have in my memory your father's person and countenance, and you may be sure that my vanity retained the compliment which he paid me in the moment when he permitted his judgment to slip behind his good...
Page 143 - ... roll, and his adherents and kinsmen, so that the aforesaid number of 2,700 was listed in that Roll with the Arts of Dan, or poetry, Music and Antiquity.

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