A Grammar of the Dialect of Adlington (Lancashire)

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C. Winters̓ Universitätsbuchhandlung, 1904 - English language - 121 pages
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Page 77 - Plural are alike in the following: bias = beast, beasts1; es (as) = ash, ashes;/**" = fish, fishes; $Tp = sheep. Nouns expressing time, space, weight, measure and number, when preceded by a cardinal number, have singular and plural alike, eg : faw munp = five months; siks wlk = six weeks; sevn mail = seven miles; ]>n tun — three tons; e't pqund — eight pounds; ffo" (feuar) quns •- four ounces; ten sko9r — ten score; ilevn jard = eleven yards, &c.
Page 115 - Have the boggarts taken hold of my dad?» And he cried till his eyes were quite red, He likes you very well, does yon lad.

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