Henry Hudson: A Brief Statement of His Aims and His Achievements

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Harper & brothers, 1909 - Explorers - 147 pages
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Page 17 - Seamen, purposing to goe to sea foure dayes after, for to discover a Passage by the North Pole to Japan and China. First, Henry Hudson Master. Secondly, William Colines his Mate. Thirdly, James Young. Fourthly, John Colman. Fiftly, John Cooke. Sixtly, James Beubery. Seventhly, James Skrutton. Eightly, John Pleyce. Ninthly, Thomas Baxter. Tenthly, Richard Day. Eleventhly, James Knight. Twelfthly, John Hudson a Boy.
Page 57 - The third, the morning mystie, untill ten of the clocke; then it cleered, and the wind came to the south south-east, so wee weighed and stood to the northward. The land is very pleasant and high, and bold to fall withall.
Page 64 - We continued our course toward England, without seeing any land by the way, all the rest of this moneth of October: and on the seventh day of November, stilo novo, being Saturday, by the grace of God we safely arrived in the range of Dartmouth, in Devonshire, in the yeere 1609. • Hudson's words, "That side of the river which is called Alanna-katta," cannot possibly apply to anything but Manhattan Island itself.
Page 57 - This is a very good land to fall with, and a pleasant land to see.
Page 61 - This night, at ten of the clocke, our boat returned in a showre of raine from sounding of the river; and found it to bee at an end for shipping to goe in. For they had beene up eight or nine leagues, and found but seven foot water, and unconstant soundings.
Page 21 - ... her backe and breasts were like a woman's, as they say that saw her; her body as big as one of us; her skin very white; and long haire hanging downe behinde, of colour black: in her going down they saw her tayle, which was like the tayle of a porposse, and speckled like a macrell.
Page 56 - The second, in the morning, close weather, the winde at south in the morning ; from twelve untill two of the clocke we steered north north-west, and had sounding one and twentie fathoms ; and in running one glasse we had but sixteene fathoms, then seventeene, and so shoalder and shoalder untill it came to twelve fathoms.
Page 104 - Butter, some twentie seven piece of Porke, halfe a bushell of Pease, but in the Masters Cabbin we found two hundred of bisket Cakes, a pecke of Meale, of Beere to the quantitie of a Butt, one with another. Now, it was said, that the Shallop was come within sight, they let fall the...
Page 104 - Pot, with some meale and other things. They stood out of the Ice, the Shallop being fast to the Sterne of the Ship, and so (when they were nigh out, for I cannot say they were cleane out) they cut her head fast from the Sterne of our Ship, then out with there Top-sayles, and toward the East they stood, in a cleare Sea.
Page 102 - Then was the shallop haled up to the ship side, and the poore sicke and lame men were called upon to get them out of their cabbins into the shallop. " The Master called to me, who came out of my cabbin as well as I could, to the...

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